The draperies are the ultimate window treatment that offers an elegant look and enhances the overall appearance of the space when it is chosen wisely and hung perfectly. The fabric plays a significant role in creating the drapery look. It is important to consider all important criteria while choosing the window drapery treatments in Malibu. Let’s begin.

Following are the criteria to choose the right window curtain or drapery;

  • Weight– Ensure you choose a little heavier drapery because they do not blow away by strong winds. The heavier fabric provides better insulation, meaning it does not allow the heat to transfer faster through the window and resist outside heat from entering inside. The canvas and velvet are two good examples of heavier fabrics that you can choose for the drapery.
  • Opacity– It is another major criterion to consider while selecting the fabric for the window drapery. It is related to the privacy and weight of the curtain. The opaque fabric is heavier and considered good for rooms that receive excessive sunlight. No worries as fabrics are available with varying degrees of opacity. So, make sure you check the opacity and then buy.
  • Density– You should also determine the required privacy and natural light you want inside your room. It will help you to choose the curtain fabric with the right density. If the curtain is thicker, it will block more light and increase privacy in your room.
  • Durability– Investing in a high-quality fabric is important to avoid replacing the drapery over and over again. Remember, the sun can damage the fabric over time. The best thing is, some window fabrics are less prone to sun damage. These fabrics include cotton canvas, brocades, and chintzes.

The final take

Now it will be easier for you to choose the right window fabric type. The popular fabric options include cotton, silk, lace, linen, and acrylic. Most importantly, knowing about each fabric will help you figure out the fabric that meets all the criteria. In this regard, the window treatment professional can assist you. They are highly trained professionals who have worked on hundreds of window treatment projects successfully. This is why they understand what kind of fabric would be best for you. They can also help you select the other window treatments like blinds and shutters in Agoura Hills Calabasas.



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