We are obtaining everything on the internet today. It is helping us to connect, learn and grow. It is solving many issues of people and especially students. According to a survey, 37% of the students aged between 13 to 17 found math to be the hardest subject. Many of them consult Math tutor videos online to help them with their assignments. 

Although it is interesting but over the years, math got a bad reputation among the youngsters. Because of this, they don’t even try it. For many students, practicing math is not something that comes intuitively. It takes plenty of effort and procrastination. 


The Value of Math:


● Math is measuring, visualizing, building, noticing patterns, making observations, classifying, and describing the environment. Hence it makes it vital for everyone. 


● Be it any profession, math is required everywhere. We do not even realize it. Only the magnitude of it is varying. Our world would be missing a fundamental component to function without math.


● It makes the person organized and systematic, which is an important characteristic to survive in life efficiently. 


● It enhances reasoning, creativity, abstract or spatial thinking, critical thinking, and problem-solving. 


Why it’s difficult for some students?


Lack of Clear concepts: The most common problem while studying math is that students lack understanding of the basic concepts. You need to have a foundation to build the house. Similarly, the initial year math concepts are the grounds. Secondly, they don’t freely admit that they face difficulty with their teachers. It is the main cause why students start to lag in class. Having a thought – “My math tutor onlineis there” will assure them.


Way of Teaching: Math is a practical subject, and it means teachers should lean towards easy teaching and have more relatability factor. The class has many students, and each child will have a different intellectual capacity. It’s not possible to give personalized tuition to the students. 


The solution to this problem can be finding an institution that can provide Math tutor videos onlineWith school, it would not be easy to manage all the things together. It will save the students’ time of commute and hence giving more time to different subject. Secondly, there is a difference between knowing something and be passionate about it. The teachers should impart her passion for math to students so that they enjoy the subject. Try finding a tutor who loves numbers!


In 2020, everyone struggled to balance while working full-time, managing the house, and paying attention to their children’s homework at home. The hardship is real for so many parents. But, the available Math tutor videos online can help to take the load off! 

Amid COVID-19, a new initiative like pandemic pods is becoming more popular. It is helping to change the view of k-12 education in America. Pandemic Pods gather around five students group who have a similar understanding of math. They will work with a tutor for lessons, examples, and homework assignments. In this way, the student can have an interactive session and personalized attention.


Lack of Practice: Many students don’t spend enough time practicing math problems. Even though they might be good at math, this may also arise from a lack of interest in the subject or topic. They might feel like they understand a concept, and there is no need to practice any questions. That’s why many people consider personal tutors for their children to get the personalized attention and keep them in check.  


Attention Disorder: Teachers might pass off as ‘not paying attention in class’ can be the emerging signs of ADHD. Students with attention disorder are inclined to drift off during class lessons and might find it challenging to obey the teacher’s instructions. 

Children with ADHD have a low attention span. They might not read the entire question and, as a result, skip steps or make mistakes. They put down answers impulsively or in bad handwriting. 


Anxiety: If math makes your kid anxious, support them by providing access to Math tutor videos onlineLook for a professional who will counsel them and determine the main reason for not working for the subject. They need to accept their feelings and thoughts. But keep working towards their goals. It’s not the end of the world if they are not able to perform. It’s okay to make mistakes. 


We need to evolve our education culture where we emphasize learning and embrace mistakes. Only then do children get excited about learning!



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