Due to so many reasons today, many people prefer to go for live-streamed yoga classes than attend physical yoga classes. There are so many benefits of yoga that can affect your life physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The art of yoga is one of the best ways to build strength, reduce stress, get more flexible, and improve your total well-being. But most people find it very expensive and time-consuming to deal with.

Shuffling from work, school, family, and other hobbies may be a difficult task too. So, taking a yoga class at home can ease these issues.

It may not be the best solution, but taking live yoga classes online for free may also come with its challenges. Let’s look at the pros and cons of online yoga, as well as tips on how to practice yoga safely at home.

The Pros Of Online Yoga Classes

Below are a few benefits of practicing virtual yoga classes:

#1. Much More Affordable

Real-life yoga classes are more expensive than online classes that are usually available for a very low price. You can even get a package for an unlimited subscription that will allow you to attend classes more than once. This is a better and budget-friendly experience.

#2. More Flexible

There are very few choices when it comes to going to your studio. It could be for 90 minutes, 60 minutes, and 45 minutes. But with virtual yoga classes, you can have more variety. This allows you to practice what you want without waiting for what the studio offers.

If you want an easy, relaxing, and quick yoga experience, you may want to go for a live-streamed yoga class. You just need to search online for your best choice.

#3. More Faster

Instead of going to a yoga studio, it is much easier just to lay out a mat and connect to live yoga classes online for free. Before getting to your studio, you still have to get to your car, locate it, and walk in. That’s a lot of processes that may need to be repeated over and over again. You just need a few seconds to get your online class ready and started.

#4. Travel Friendly

Who says you can’t travel and still maintain your yoga routine? There are so many online yoga courses and apps you can register for. In your new place or out of your comfort zone, getting the time and motivation to work out may be tough for you.

Luckily, online yoga helps you work out through your screen, anytime and any day. Yoga becomes much easier to do without much effort.

#5. Less Intimidating

As a first-time yoga practitioner, there are so many challenges you may face in your studio. One thing for sure is that you may feel scared and shy when walking into your yoga class. Or, you may feel nervous about not doing well with the techniques or understanding the tutor’s lessons.

You can easily avoid these anxieties if you practice yoga in your home. No one will judge you for what you may decide to wear. It is much easier and more relaxing in the comfort of your home.
The Cons Of Online Yoga Classes

Below are a few drawbacks when it comes to practicing virtual yoga classes:

#1. Not Safe

Without professional help from your yoga teacher or instructor, you may not perform your yoga poses accurately. This may lead to a poor physical form and injuries that may affect you. An expert will help you notice those mistakes and instruct you on how to fix them. Yoga is usually harder to learn and improve on without personalized attention.

#2. Difficult To Follow

Some people who subscribe to attending live yoga classes online for free may find it difficult to follow the instructions. It may be hard to do the different poses and confirm from the screen at the same time. This may be one of the major issues with virtual classes.

#3. Easier To Cancel

Only those who are committed to a class show up for it. But with a virtual class or video that can be accessed at any time, you can easily put it off. There may be other errands around your home that may draw your attention. This is a total distraction from continuing your yoga sessions.

#4. Not Communal

Practicing on your own may be comforting, but something feels good about practicing with other people. You may need to bond with your mates and share one or two deep experiences from your yoga classes. If you are the type that loves communicating and seeing new faces, online yoga classes might not be ideal for you.


There are so many advantages to live-streamed yoga classes as much as there are drawbacks. What matters is knowing which one works better for you. Some people prefer the outdoor experience while others learn and work out more in their comfort zones.


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