Many people are starting to become aware of their environment ever since the pandemic. If the tiniest microbe could cause a global pandemic, then making sure the environment is safe and rid of them is a huge responsibility for everyone. Besides, harmful enveloped and non-enveloped pathogens are not always an easy battle; however, disinfection does so much for safety.

Having people understand the need for antimicrobial safety is one thing; hiring a reliable agency or company is another. Even when they are somewhat easy to find, the quality of the services of some agencies is not A-game. For instance, if you’re searching for disinfection and protection services in VA (Virginia) or MD (Maryland), you need to do the proper research beforehand.

Some of the things you need to know include bioesque solution types, application methods, safety tools and equipment, application duration, etc. With all these factors, it may almost be difficult to find the ideal service agency. However, Ecovasive Infection Control comes to the rescue.

What We Do?

At Ecovasive Infection Control, we provide the best defense solutions against microbes – fungal, bacterial, and viral pathogens to ensure a safe, healthy environment for work, study, living, etc. Our commitment is towards global safety to prevent future outbreaks of deadly pathogens.

With our surface protectants and disinfectants, we provide top-notch services within the United States; we are available in several locations, such as Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, etc., for easy proximity. If you ever need disinfection and protection services in MD, for example, all you’ve got to do is contact our Maryland address on our website, and we’ll attend to you.

Our Approach and Services

Since many are eager to see how we approach microbial situations, we would like to show the various solutions, methods, and tools we use to ensure a safe, breathable space. See below for items involved in disinfection and protection services in VA and beyond.

The Solutions

Ideally, we have 2 Ecovasive solutions that effectively tackle microorganisms where people live, study, work, or in commercial and public areas. They include;

Ecovasive Disinfectant Solution

Our disinfectant has an approximate pathogen time-kill of 4 minutes, almost as good and quick enough. This solution is EPA-registered for safety, as it is all-natural and biodegradable; it is bleach-free, non-toxic, and non-corrosive. However, on contact with harmful pathogens like viruses, flu, mold, dew, etc., they wreak havoc and finally deodorize.

Ecovasive Biostatic Protectant Solution

The other type of solution for surface protection is the Biostatic. It is also an EPA-registered solution with a bacteriostatic formula for active performance. As effective and strong as it sounds, it is environment-friendly; it only contains spiked molecules that affect microbes but not your body.

Ecovasive Biostatic Solution only provides so much protection between 30 to 90 days, after which you need to re-apply.

However, the application of either of these solutions is via cutting-edge electrostatic technology. It is uniquely designed for safety and less time consumption.

The Products/Equipment

An additional part of our disinfection and protection services in MD and other places in the United States is the production of useful equipment. These products are essentials, as they help to fight harmful pathogens like viruses and bacteria.

T-350 Thermoscanner

Apart from surface protectants and disinfectants, we have a fantastic T-350 Thermoscanner that makes temperature-check a lot easier. This device is usually installed in public spaces to check the temperatures of different people at once (up to 50) and gives alerts in real-time display.

C21 Thermoscanner

Like the T-350 Thermoscanner, there is also the C21 Thermoscanner that makes temperature-check per person easier. It is an ideal choice for a crowded place; it is often installed at the entrance of buildings, malls, halls, etc. However, this thermoscanner cannot give as many details as the former.

Victory Electrostatic Handheld Spray Units

Applying solutions isn’t an easy task, especially when it involves the spray-and-swipe. However, with our electrostatic handheld spray units, things are about to get better. This device operates uniquely by electrically charging the solutions and applying them safely on the desired surface for protection or disinfection.


Another unique product we have, and also the first LED in-duct, is the REME LED Halo. It is designed to reduce contaminants or microbes within a space to a controlled amount. The only thing is that it is only ideal to use indoors.

Other products include hand sanitizers, facial masks, spray bottles, test kits, etc.

Evasive Infection Control will always be one of the best places for disinfection and protection services in VA, MD, DC, and other states in the USA. Check our website today, and see what we have to make the environment safe and healthy again.



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