When you implement a commercial roll-up door in your factory or retail property, you want it to work correctly so that your company can continue to run smoothly. Aside from choosing the highest-quality model, proper implementation is the only way to avoid typical commercial roll-up door problems.

It is crucial to follow the door manufacturer’s assembly directions line by line when assembling any roll-up door. Problems may occur over time during the garage door installation; however, professionals perform this task smoothly. Continue reading to learn how a garage door company in Forney, TX troubleshoots popular commercial roll-up door problems.

Problems with Commercial Roll-Up Doors

One of many components may be to blame if your commercial roll-up door has been difficult to open and shut. Check the list of popular issues below to find the source of your problem:

Inadequate Levelling

Throughout installation when mounting garage door, it is critical to use a leveling tool to maintain adequate alignment and ease of operation. Professionals are quick to check the level of the doors while installing. They need a few examinations to maintain the commercial roll-up garage door for providing a better shelter.

Incorrect Header Orientation

If the header is installed far forward or too far backward, the track will not collapse through the guides at the right arc to ensure proper functioning. As a consequence, the door can slide against the guides or press against the wall.

Over-Turning the Door Spring 

It is important to obey the manufacturer’s directions for tensioning commercial roll-up door springs. The spring can break if it is over-tensioned by rotating the door more than recommended by the manufacturer. Incorrect friction will also make controlling the door more difficult. Thus, it is recommended to look for commercial roll-up door repair in Rockwall, TX, instead of fixing it by DIY (do it yourself).

Stiff Guides

If the guide strips are too stiff, the door panel can drag against the guides, making it impossible to open and close the door. This will also damage the paint and break the door layer over time.

Misaligned Drum 

To shape the barrel on some older door styles, professionals line up a huge piece of metal along the side of the drum during assembly. If it is done wrong, the door will not match up perfectly, allowing it to bend. To avoid this, experts suggest buying a door with a corrugated drum, such as the one offered by renowned Garage Door Company in Forney, TX. The corrugated sheet is attached to the corrugated drum in this arrangement, making a perfect barrel as it wraps. This removes the risk of user error and guarantees correct door orientation during the construction process.

Damaged Door Sheet 

Failure to the sheet panels over time is a significant issue for many commercial garages. In certain ways, people use a truck or forklift to drive open doors that only have a chain stop. As a result, the door can slam into the head stop or the ground. This can cause harm to the door and its parts over time. During market activities, it is often common for commercial warehouse equipment to dent or scrape the doors.

To avoid these problems, use caution when operating your commercial roll-up door. To prevent this disruption, advise employees to exercise caution while running machinery near the doors. By taking these steps, you will keep your garage door from lagging.

Final Thoughts

Spring tension is also the primary cause for many garage door issues. When the garage door gets old, the torsion spring breaks and makes it difficult for garage doors to close and open. Garage door companies have expertise in fixing all sorts of spring issues related to residential and commercial spaces.

Although smaller roll-up doors, such as those produced by garage companies, often allow for manual adjustment of spring tension, this is not always a choice for commercial roll-up doors. Because of their size and location, it is always better to contact a specialist to assist with addressing any problems.

Mishandling door components can result in serious injury as well as harm to the door and surrounding property. Commercial roll-up door suppliers should be able to suggest an experienced expert who can fix any problems you are experiencing.

You can consult the commercial roll-up door repair in Rockwall, TX, for a safe and secure garage door.


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