Are you planning a rustic and elegant wedding? A barn wedding event venue should be your choice. Candlelight, locally sourced cocktails, nature-inspired details, and exposed woods will add magic to your wedding.

A myth associated with barn weddings is that you have to sacrifice glamour and comfort. However, this statement is no longer valid, thanks to modern Colorado outdoor wedding venues.

Planning the perfect barn wedding requires extra attention to the logistics and other details.

Let’s find out more about it.

Availability of ‘Getting Ready Area’

Before picking a barn wedding event venue, ensure that it has a space for the bride, bridesmaid, and the groom to get ready. It might seem a minute detail to you, but it is a significant aspect to consider, especially when you spend many hours in the room together. Ensure that the bridal suite is adequately lit with at least one window.

The Landscape

While picking out a Colorado outdoor wedding venue, ensure that its landscape fits your vision, as it will be in your wedding photographs.

You can also ask the manager to fix the muddy area or trim the overgrown greenery. Take into consideration the path that leads to the bran. Will your grandma’s wheelchair be stuck in the rocks? Are there chances that your friend in heels to stumble over the path? If there is no formal path, you can ask the manager if they can lay a wooden plank to make the walk easier for your guest.

The Availability of the Bathroom

Ensure that your dream barn wedding event venue has a bathroom and is easily accessible for all your guests.

Some of the traditional barns lack bathrooms or only have on-site porta-potties. Don’t worry! You can talk to the venue manager if they can arrange a luxury mobile restroom for you and your guest.

What if it Rains on Your Wedding Day?

Weather is unpredictable and out of your control. While checking out a Colorado outdoor wedding venue, ask the manager what their backup plan will be, if it rains on your wedding day.

While touring the barn wedding venue, ensure that they have an indoor wedding or on-site tent option available for you when things don’t go as per the plan.

Availability of Kitchen Space and Running Water

While exploring a barn wedding venue, don’t forget to check out the kitchen space. Your caterer will require food prep space and access to running water. Even if your caterer prepares the food off-site, they might use chafing dishes that require water to keep food cold or warm before it is served. Thus, making access to the sink crucial for their workflow.

Your caterer might also need to wash their hands multiple times throughout the event and clean any dropped utensils. If you feel that the issue of the prep kitchen is not properly addressed, you can discuss the same with the manager and ask if they can make any arrangements.

The Bottom Line

A barn venue can host the wedding of your dream. Just consider the points shared above and ensure that all your requirements are met.


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