Jewelry is very popular among people these days. Men and women use rings, earrings, and other items as per their choice and occasion. The popularity of Handcrafted Celtic Jewelry is at its height.

A variety of patterns and designs of Celtic jewelry offers you many options to choose from. You will never be disappointed with their quality and unique style.

Sterling silver Irish charms are so attractive that people can’t resist buying them. When you wear them, you become a different personality.

You can use these items without any complaint with proper care, and they don’t need any extraordinary care. Just remember some simple points for everlasting use.

Things to remember while wearing your sterling silver Irish charms

You can take the given precautions while wearing Handcrafted Celtic Jewelry.

Remove your jewels while working

When you are busy with your work, you cannot pay attention to your precious gems and damage them unknowingly.

You can spoil their beauty by rubbing or hitting them against a rough surface accidentally.

To avoid all these situations, it would be best if you remove your jewelry while at work.

Put on your charms after applying makeup

If your precious items come in contact with your makeup, it (makeup) can damage their uppermost layer, ruining the item’s elegance and beauty.

The reason for this phenomenon is the chemicals present in the makeup. These chemicals may react with the silver and convert it to another substance.

Put off your sterling silver Irish charms before entering the swimming pool or spa

Never forget to remove you silver items before entering the swimming pool and spa due to the following reason.

Certain chemicals and chlorine in water can react with silver and make silver chloride (AgCl) that gets dark on exposure to light.

These chemicals can also apply a layer on the original metal to hide the charm and beauty of your jewelry.

Don’t mix Contact Sports and jewelry

Completely avoid wearing items like chains, rings, earrings, etc., when you are engaged in Contact Sports like wrestling or Kabaddi. You can face two issues if you don’t do so.

You can damage your Handcrafted Celtic Jewelry if someone snatches and breaks it accidentally.

It can be very dangerous for you and others during sports. Suppose someone gets caught or entangled in the chain you are wearing; what will happen? Both of you can get serious injuries.

So, it is the best decision to keep these items out of the playground for your and other’s safety.

Things to remember while cleaning your jewelry

It is needless to mention that you have to clean your jewels regularly. But careless cleaning can make things worse. So, keep the given point in mind to avoid any damage to them.

Remove jewelry before bathing

You use soap, foam, or shampoo when you have your bath. These bathing products can form a thin film, making your jewelry dull, old, and dirty.

Use jewelry polishing cloths

If your Handcrafted Celtic Jewelry has become dull and you need to polish it, always use a polishing cloth. Using a tissue or paper towel can cause scratches due to fibers in these items.

Avoid using bleaching for jewelry cleaning

There may be spots on your Irish charms, and you wish to remove them. You need to clean them with water and other products meant for this purpose.

Never think of bleach as it can destroy the jewelry

If you are not able to clean it properly, visit a professional cleaner/ jeweler for it. He may charge some money for it, but it will ensure that your favorite has no harm.

Use warm water to clean

The best option to clean your valuables is warm soapy water. Since boiled water fixes water hardness, it will not harm your possession by making a film on it.

Secondly, warm water is effective in removing stubborn stains. If you don’t have the polishing cloth, use a soft toothbrush to reach into hard to access area.

By applying these measures while using and cleaning your jewelry, you can easily protect it from any impairment and use it forever.


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