Your favorite laundry detergent may get your whites white and your colors fast, but have you ever wondered how it affects everything that comes in its contact? What effects does it have on your skin, lungs, pets, waterways downstream, and the air in your home?

Unfortunately, if you use conventional laundry products, you might not like the answer to that.

Many people have already shifted to green cleaning products a long time ago after learning about many questionable chemicals in conventional washing powders.Conventional laundry detergents leave a chemical residue that can be absorbed into our skin or inhaled into our lungs.

Sometimes, the chemical residue has ill effects like eye irritation, rashes, and eczema. Many of them are endocrine disruptors and carcinogens. And the surprising thing is that we don’t even need many of these ingredients in the first place.

So, to find the Best natural washing powder for washing machine, below are some of the ingredients you should avoid:


  • Phosphates and EDTA


Phosphates are used in laundry detergents because they are more effective at lifting dirt off clothes. But, phosphates are a real danger to the environment. They are responsible for increasing algae growth in streams and waterways, depleting oxygen levels in the water, and suffocating aquatic life.

Most laundry companies have already removed phosphates from their washing powders. However, many of them replaced phosphates with EDTA, which is another problematic chemical that does not biodegrade easily and toxic to animals.

  • Harsh Surfactants

Surfactants are helpful in loosen grease and dirt from clothes. They’re extremely good at cleaning. Unfortunately, surfactants used in laundry powder can cause skin and eye irritation. Studies have also linked these sulfates to neuro toxicity, developmental toxicity, and cancer. You must avoid this ingredient when looking for the best washing powder for the machine.

  • Optical brighteners

Optical brighteners don’t get clothes clean. They only make them look brighter. These chemicals produce an optical illusion by absorbing UV light and reflecting blue light, making clothing look whiter and more radiant. Optical brighteners bind to fabrics after washing. They can then rub off onto the skin and cause irritation and allergic reactions if you happen to have sensitive skin.

  • Dyes

Like optical brighteners, dyes aren’t there to clean. They are only used for aesthetic reasons, like that blue stripe in toothpastes. They are entirely unnecessary. Even worse, dyes can be irritating and can cause allergic reactions in people who suffer skin sensitivities.

Say yes to ingredients when searching Best washing powder for washing machine.

  • Essential oils

Essential oils are natural plant extracts that give your clothes a lovely fresh scent. They also have many other added benefits, such as they are naturally antibacterial, anti fungal, antiviral, and mood-boosting. They are hundred percent natural and does not cause any bad effect on the skin. It’s even perfect for the kids.

  • Washing soda

It is also known as sodium carbonate or soda ash. This alkaline compound is a highly effective cleaning agent. It’s great at removing stubborn stains and grease. It also acts as a water softener, helping laundry detergent work better without leaving any harmful effect on nature and your skin.

  • Oxygen bleach

Unlike chlorine bleach, a potent irritant, oxygen bleach is gentler on clothes and won’t produce toxic chlorine gas. It’s best to get out even the nastiest of stains out in the safest way possible.

  • Baking soda

Baking soda is probably the most versatile green cleaning product there is. It’s an ingredient that gets all sorts of messes out and yet is about as simple and natural as it gets. It’s tough on stains (like crayons) and funky smells (like sweat). It also softens fabrics, discourages bacteria growth, and even helps clean your machine.

In plain words, it’s a much better alternative to all the chemicals that are used in the preparation of conventional detergents.

Final thoughts

When looking for the best washing powder for the machine, try to pick something as natural as possible. Using natural and chemical-free washing powders not only saves you from the harmful effects of chemicals but also protects the environment and marine life from a slow death.


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