Are you a consultant, personal trainer, lawyer, or professional service provider? It’s not always practical to meet with clients in your home. Office space rental in Brooklyn, NY, is a less expensive, functional, and convenient alternative to paying for full-time dedicated office space or meeting at the client’s location. There are many advantages to hourly meeting space rental:

  • You don’t have to invest in the furniture and tech needed for a dedicated meeting space.
  • You’ll have access to amenities like free wifi, faxes, printers and copiers, whiteboards, and screens—all without leasing an entire office suite.
  • Hourly meeting space rental lets you scale up when your business grows.
  • With no long-term lease hanging over your head, you can try several spaces until you find one that suits you best.

Tips for Renting a Meeting Room

The following tips will help you rent meeting space in Brooklyn, New York.

1. Think About the Purpose of Your Meeting Room

If you’re just starting to look for a meeting room for your next event, ask yourself some critical questions about the purpose of the meeting. Here are some questions from our experts:

  • What is the reason for this meeting? Do you need a large boardroom with audio-visual equipment, or would a small conference room be more appropriate?
  • How many people will be attending? If possible, try to estimate how many attendees you’ll have to make sure there’s enough space (and chairs) in the room.
  • How long do you need the space? Some facilities may require an event planner to book several hours at once; others allow reservations hourly.
  • What are the main objectives of your meeting? When renting out any venue, it has all of its amenities available during peak times, such as lunch breaks or dinner hours, so that your guests can enjoy their meals while still being productive with business discussions.

2. How Much Space Will You Need?

Before looking for a room, decide how much space you need. This will depend on the type of meeting and how many people attend.

A rule of thumb is that a 10-foot by 15-foot space can accommodate 15 to 20 people. However, when your attendees are sitting at tables, this room size will only fit approximately 10 to 12 people comfortably. If you plan to have fewer than ten attendees, it may be worth considering a smaller space.

Most rooms in NYC are about this size (10’x15′). Knowing that most of these rooms are the same size makes renting easier.

3. Start Looking at Venues or Spaces Offering Hourly Meeting Room Rentals

Start looking at venues or spaces that offer hourly meeting space rental. You won’t have to sign a long-term lease for an office space with this route. Hourly meeting rooms are also more cost-effective than renting a whole office because you only pay when you use them.

Some locations offer office space rental in Brooklyn, NY starting at $30 per hour and going up to $100 depending on the site, seating arrangement, equipment, amenities, and reservation length.

4. Book a Space that Offers the Extra Features You Need

Make sure the meeting room you book has everything you need to conduct your meeting. For instance, how many people are attending? If it’s a large group, make sure that there is enough space for everyone to sit around a table or in rows and any exhibits or additional materials you may have brought. Again, it’s better to be safe than sorry and book a space that easily accommodates your final number of attendees.

Make sure the venue has the right equipment. Do they have audio-visual equipment? A whiteboard? Projector and screen? Ask if you can bring in your equipment if they don’t provide it themselves. Some venues even offer catering services! Can they help you set up before the event so that all your technology works appropriately when your guest arrives?

Suppose the meeting room is accessible for everyone who will be attending. If anyone in attendance needs special consideration or help to get into or through the building, make sure there are procedures in place before booking. Finally, ask if parking is available nearby (if needed), and confirm whether it will cost extra.

5. Make Sure that It’s Easily Accessible

Check the address before you begin to narrow down your options for the perfect Brooklyn meeting room. Make sure that it’s easily accessible for your attendees. It must be close to public transportation or an airport and some hotels. Consider how easy it will be for your audience to get there. If they don’t need to spend hours in traffic or on a train, they’ll have more energy and be more relaxed during your event.

Suppose you’re looking for office space rental in  Brooklyn, NY, strictly for internal use (i.e., no external clients). In that case, accessibility may be less critical. But if your business is in Brooklyn, consider whether having a meeting location outside of the borough could help freshen things up procedurally and inspire new perspectives among employees, old and new.

Now that you understand renting a meeting room in Brooklyn, it’s time to find the best hourly meeting space rental for your needs. Whether you’re looking for something with free wifi and catering or need a presentation space large enough to host 50 people, these tips will help you avoid wasting money and make the renting process more convenient.


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