It is foggy, especially in the morning when the sun rises. However, for the driver, fog is a danger. So, driving through it needs more care, and you need to think about buying a Xenon Igniters Kit. Here are some tips.

  1. One of the most important rules is to slow down. The speed must be safe, that is, one that will allow you to make a stop or maneuver in the event of an obstacle on the road. Experts recommend moving no faster than 30-40 km / h. However, if at this speed you are not able to orient yourself or feel that it is fast for you, reduce the speed to 10-20 km / h or stop on the side of the road. When stopping, do not forget about the light signaling. Take as far to the right as possible to drive off the roadway as far as possible and turn on the emergency gang, as well as the headlights, including the PTF.
  1. It is essential to understand that any maneuver into the fog can be the last because you do not know what is ahead when driving into the oncoming lane. If possible, try to avoid overtaking into the fog. Fog can hide a car moving towards you or other obstacles that can cost you your life during overtaking. Often, cars that collide or just stopped on the road can hide in a white veil. In addition, when performing such a dangerous maneuver, you may not notice a sharp turn or road work. Even if both are indicated by a sign, in the fog, and even during overtaking, you will hardly be able to see anything.
  1. Increase and maintain the distance, as in fog, the vehicle in front may suddenly stop, at the last moment detecting an obstacle on the road. Also, keep in mind that fog is moisture, so your braking performance will be reduced due to poor traction.
  1. Try to stay close to the side of the road that is, to the right side of the road. It is easy to get lost on the road in fog and not notice a smooth or sharp turn. Signs, as a rule, are not visible, so we focus on the markings, pillars, trees, as well as the right edge of the road and drive right next to it. It is also important to be prepared because on the side of the road or near it, there may be another car that has stopped for one reason or another. Be very careful when driving through intersections, as it is very easy for them to turn the wrong way and leave your lane.
  1. While driving in fog, drivers experience fatigue since the eyes are under constant stress. As a result, the driver feels sleepy. It isn’t easy to imagine what the consequences could be. At the first sign of fatigue, you should pull over to the side of the road, close your eyes and let the body rest. Even a short rest will allow you to recuperate and prevent accidents.
  1. High humidity. Remember that the air humidity is extreme in the fog, so take care of good ventilation of the passenger compartment, set the windshield blowing, and turn on the rear windshield heating. Do not forget about the wipers. Sometimes drops of fog cover the entire windshield so softly that the driver simply does not have time to understand that visibility is deteriorating and continues to move blindly. Think about it ahead of time and try to stay in control.
  1. Open the window. If it is not too cold outside the window and will not affect your health, open the window so you can at least hear the approaching traffic or other vital sounds that allow you to orient yourself in a similar situation.

Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind, and you shall emerge out of the fog safe and sound. If a headlamp or a tail lamp or indicator is not functioning, it is essential to get it fixed without fail. Those lights up front and at the rear of your car make your presence known to other road users.

So, buy Xenon Igniters Kits at an affordable price.


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