Cattle handling systems must ensure the safety of both workers and cattle. The main purpose of the cattle handling system is to make the cattle operation safer and more flexible. An ideal cattle corral design must help in reducing the stress and injuries among cattle while ensuring maximum profit. To meet these requirements, ranch owners now prefer portable cattle systems that help in ensuring safer and profitable cattle operations.

An ideal and well-planned cattle handling system will ensure to meet the following requirements:

  • Safety of the handlers
  • Fewer expenses on medical bills
  • Higher production and profit
  • Cost-effectiveness and time-saving

Points To Consider While Designing A Cattle Handling System

  • The location selection is the first step toward designing a safer cattle corral system.

Owners must consider a few elements before choosing the location, such as connectivity to the roads, pastures, safety, weather conditions, etc. Owners can also consider installing the cattle corral designs near their existing barn or pasture areas.

An efficient and well-designed cattle handling system must include these six components:

  • Cattle panels and gates,
  • Alley
  • Box or tub
  • Chute
  • Entrance or exit area.

Always keep your business requirements and future goals in mind while designing the cattle handling system. If you are considering expanding your cattle operations in the future, it’s better to design a more extensive cattle handling system right away. Renovating an existing cattle handling system in the future may lead to more loss and injuries. Choosing portable cattle design allows you to customize the handling system anytime at your requirements.

Moreover, the added advantage is you can put portable cattle pens for sale when you don’t require them.

  • Safety is one of the most important aspects while designing a cattle corral system. Handlers must be aware of all exit areas of the cattle handling system, ensuring to protect themselves to avoid any unwanted situation. When you design a cattle handling system, always prefer broad rectangular designs for the gates and panels for easy and safe escape. Moreover, the cattle handling system must have a no-cattle zone to let the handlers rest and keep the essential and delicate equipment safely. Moreover, the design must also ensure that the alleys and chutes include an emergency exit for cattle.
  • Another critical thing to consider while designing a cattle handling system is keeping the alley’s length straight at the entry and exit of the tub. The alley must accommodate two heavy animals simultaneously to avoid any injuries to cattle and workers. Ideally, the alley’s length at the entry and exit should be 12-feet.
  • The alley must be broad enough to allow cattle to move forward conveniently. However, make sure the alley should not be too broad that cattle can turn backward and cause injuries to other cattle and handlers.
  • Cattle are more organized and relaxed in the footing that ensures good friction and lessens slips and accidents. Using rubber flooring ensures the cattle’s safety, reduces stress, and makes them more comfortable and calmer. Most ranch owners prefer steel flooring to provide good traction to the cattle. Moreover, gravel flooring also ensures better footing and reduces the chances of mud formation.
  • Cattle usually prefer going towards slopes and lights. So, always keep the slope and lighting in mind while designing the cattle handling system. The elements help to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for the cattle. If you plan to install a cattle corral design, you can customize the corral system to create a safer and stress-free system.
  • While designing the cattle handling system, make sure to add an access gate at the front or back of the squeeze chute. It will provide safety to the workers.
  • Cattle handling systems require electricity to carry out the daily operations. You have to make sure to use the moisture-proof ground fault circuits and outlets to provide safety to the workers and cattle.
  • Cattle often dislike the workers that try to invade its flight zone. While designing the cattle handling system, make sure to choose the equipment in the design that will help make the cattle friendlier and comfortable.
  • The chute and the headgate must add substance to the cattle handling system. They must be designed using low-stress methods to ensure quick and flexible cattle operations. If you consider a portable handling system, you can add a squeeze chute to ensure the cattle’s safety. If you no longer require portable handling systems, you can put cattle pens for sale and still earn a considerable profit.




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