There are many artists in the art world today, but finding the one that should be hanging in your space has to speak to you. Finding ‘the one’ is more than just looking in a magazine. The best way to find that one that belongs on your wall is to see it in person. You can do that easily by going ahead and checking out art exhibits in Los Angeles. At the same time, you can make sure to hunt down the great work of LA artist Truman Marquez. If you already know him, you know why, but if you don’t, you will be glad you found him.

Color Attraction

Abstract art is not all but dead, it is still alive and well. There are many who create it, but only very few truly nail it. If you have a love for color, LA artist Truman Marquez provides colors and patterns that grab your attention and bring your mind to a halt. The works are sure to do so with anyone that comes into your space. They pull you in and give your mind a feeling of joy. Some bright and bold and others are simple yet sophisticated.

His work is something you can lose yourself in if you stand too long staring at one. The combination of patterns with specific colors takes a true artist to put together correctly. So whether bright and bold or neutral and minimized, in color they cannot be missed. Each canvas is covered from corner to corner and side to side. Giving you a large and clear view into his creative mind, as crazy as it may seem it may be.

None Like the Other

LA artist Truman Marquez is a true artist showing in his capabilities of each piece with its own story. Each piece is entirely different from the others, always giving everyone a new treat for their minds to contemplate, which is great for those who want something unusual in different spaces. No worries about all your pieces bleeding together having the same theme.

You can keep your clients, friends, family intrigued with your taste every time they experience them. The works are so vivid that they can trigger memories within our mind, reawakening things inside of us that haven’t been visited in a while. Sometimes giving your brain that boost of energy it has needed for a bit.

Clash of the Eras

Some of LA artist Truman Marquez’s paintings are a crazy beautiful rendition of chaos. With bits and pieces of days gone by, yet highlighting some of the current things of today. Many of his pieces are definitely for the ones that can appreciate the chaos that they depict. Look close enough and long enough you may even find some things you would miss with a quick glance. Those pieces make you think about where we have been and where we are today as a society. In some ways showing a humorous side, but yet a in-your-face jolt of reality.

True Artist Connect

Art show atmosphere can vary from show to show. If you are a frequent visitor of the art exhibits in Los Angeles then you know. Feeling connected to a piece of art should be about the whole experience as well. Having an artist that understands the importance of what makes that piece way more valuable in more ways than just money. LA artist Truman Marquez knows that and provides that for them. He wants to get that mouse on the wheel in your brain turning. He wants you to dig inside yourself and find your insight into what a piece may mean to you.

So while you can find art shows and exhibits in many different places across LA. Take that time to find out where you can check out Truman’s great pieces. You will never have to worry about him disappointing since he always has his mind churning for the next great piece to share with his fans. Truman welcomes anyone that wants to interpret his pieces. Whether to buy or purely enjoy looking at them. It is what being a true artist is all about.


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