For thousands of years, the human movement has existed; immigration is the modern and legally documented procedure that refers to the movement of people from one nation to another. People usually apply for long-term or permanent residence via immigration. Tourists who travel for a limited number of days are not considered immigrants. People often migrate to seize attractive opportunities in terms of economic reasons. However, personal and religious factors are also responsible most of the time. There are two types of factors forcing individuals to migrate from their origin country –

  • Pull factor

    when people migrate due to economic reasons, such as political stability, higher income, attractive incentives, family, and personal characteristics.

  • Push factors

    these are the compelling situations that force people to migrate such as war, poverty, natural disaster in their native place. One is left with no option other than to move in these circumstances.

There are wide ranges of immigration cases, the attorneys at the law office will assist you with the situations mentioned below –

  1. 90-days fiancé visa

The fiancé is also known as AK-1 visa. To finally unite with the love of your life requires persistence and paperwork. This visa permits the engaged partner of a U.S citizen to live in the United States for 90 days, as long as they get married. The couple must have seen each other in person within the time of 2 years. The decision entirely depends on how long you are willing to wait to get married and various other circumstances. The couple must prove the legitimacy of their relationship with relevant evidence such as emails, flight itineraries, and photos, written statements from friends and families, wedding invitation (indicating their intent to get married within 90 days of fiancés arrival).

  1. Family-based immigration

It is the most common basis for legal immigration into the United States. It allows the lawful permanent U.S. residents to request the government to allow their specific family member in the U.S. citizen (green card holder) who is sponsoring the relative must be at least 21 years old. U.S. citizens can file a visa petition for the immigration of their parents, kids, siblings, and spouse. One must provide relevant documents proving their relationship with the individuals and agree to support the migrant relative on their arrival. Once the relative receives a lawful permanent resident of the United States, they can apply to become a citizen. However, to petition this, one needs to pass a civics test and background check after living in the country for at least three years.

  1. Green card

A green card is a physical permanent resident card, an identity document indicating that the holder is a permanent resident of the United States. People who own green cards are known as lawful permanent residents. A person with a green card who has good moral character and has lived in the U.S. for at least five years can apply to U.S. citizenship after providing the relevant shreds of evidence. Kids who are younger than 18 years and have at least one of their parents as U.S. citizens automatically obtain citizenship. The visa is acquired before you travel; on the other hand, the green card is obtained after arrival. A green card holder can apply for citizenship, unlike the visa holders, who are granted permission to stay in the country for a limited duration.

  1. R-1 religious visas

This visa allows religious workers to temporally employ in the U.S. for up to 5 years in non-profit religious organizations as a minister or other religious occupations. One can later apply for a permanent residence after completion of 5 years. The person should be a member of the religious organization for at least two years before filing the petition.

  1. Naturalization

People born in the United States or having parents who were U.S. citizens are granted U.S. citizenship at the time of their birth. However, the people who do not fit the criteria mentioned above have to take additional measures to avail the full rights of a U.S. Citizen by naturalization. It is the process by which people can receive U.S. citizenship that initially belongs to some other nation. However, one needs to fulfill specific requirements for being an eligible candidate.

There is a much more range of immigration cases. However, the above mentioned are some of the ordinary circumstances people go through while applying for immigration. One can consult a virtual immigration law office in Gadsden for an immediate experienced and knowledgeable immigration attorney.


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