We had already managed to forget when printing was possible only on a limited group of materials. It would seem that only 20 years ago, technology appeared in UV printing. What is UV Coating Machines used for? With this technology, the highest quality images can be applied to almost any surface. Fewer people are asking about the possibility of offset printing, preferring vibrant digital printing.

UV printing and especially large-format printing is a relatively new direction on the market. It appeared two or three years ago but has already firmly entered our advertising life.

This technology allows you to print directly on any flat sheet material, for example, on plastic, any PVC sheet, chipboard, metal, composite materials, wood, glass, plywood, and other similar materials. Let’s look at how UV printing is interesting for the client and its advantages over the same solvent printing.

Let’s say right away that the cost of both methods is approximately the same – the new technology does not reduce the cost but has several significant advantages:

Benefits of UV Printing: 

After application, UV paints instantly polarize, forming a solid film of polymers, thereby avoiding smudging or absorption into the base material. The product is completely ready for use without additional processing, drying.

Here are the main benefits of UV printing:

  • Very long-lasting result: Polymerization of dyes under the influence of UV rays is irreversible. Therefore the finished image does not react to temperature changes, aggressive household chemicals, abrasive treatment, and such properties are very important in the manufacture and operation of outdoor advertising.

  • Less time-consuming than offset printing: The fact is that the latter is associated with the gradual hardening of paints on prints, which makes it practically impossible to prepare a print run on the day of the customer’s request. UV printing speed is comparable to digital.

  • The use of a one-component pigment that cannot evaporate any substances forms dry crusts on the internal elements of equipment while instantly solidifying on any surface. These ink do not thicken and do not require thinning, which reduces prepress time.

  • The print is not smudged, so the rate of rejection in UV printing in large quantities is minimal.

  • Photo-ink that is not washed off the skin in time can provoke irritation after a certain time. However, advertising media made using this technology do not emit specific odors in rooms, which cannot be said about products created using conventional solvent paints. UV printing is environmentally friendly. Therefore it is considered the best method for producing interior banners, photo wallpaper, stickers, stretch marks, and other visual information media.

  • It is possible to apply UV printing in white. This technique is used when working with transparencies or a dark base. White creates a contrasting image against a similar background that will definitely attract potential consumers of your products.

  • UV coating machines can be carried out on a solid or gradient white ink layer to apply a bright image to a dark workpiece. The use of a substrate positively affects the durability of ink, increases its color, creates relief, and gives more expressiveness to an initially flat surface.

In general, this technology provides all the possibilities of full-color printing, including the formation of spectacular gradients and color transitions. And such printing always attracts the attention of the audience.

Ready to change your life with UV printing?

Yes, yes, and yes again! Indeed, in Minsk, next to you, there is a studio that will help solve the most interesting design ideas related to ultraviolet printing.

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Change your interior or advertising look with UV printing because beauty is something that must undoubtedly illuminate our lives!


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