Snake jewelry is enjoying popularity since ancient times. Vintage pieces come with glittering precious stones and valuable metal. From antique snake bracelets to snake rings, there are numerous accessories you can add to your collection.

You can find various designs in snake jewelry. Snakes also hold a symbolic significance.

You can flaunt snake jewelry for a unique aesthetic appeal or an edgy look. Read on to find out trendy vintage snake jewelry that can accentuate your overall look.

Trendy Vintage Snake Jewelry

Generally, artisans find snake jewelry to be captivating and full of scope. They can reimagine the subject in numerous forms. The shape can be folded and twisted in different ways without distorting the snake image. Each form brings a unique charm to the jewelry piece.

Thanks to its creative flexibility, you can find the snake image in numerous jewelry forms. Check out some of the most popular vintage snake jewelry forms.

Snake Rings

A snake ring may be smaller than most accessories. However, it never fails to capture attention with its unique appeal. You can flaunt a vintage gold wavy snake design that wraps around your finger.

Some open snake rings are adjustable. You may find them more comfortable and easier to wear. Choose bright, colorful gemstones on yellow gold or platinum snake ring to make it a statement piece.

The Bulgari diamond snake ring is among the most popular snake designs.The snake’s head is more prominent, and its brilliant emerald eyes are sure to garner attention. Meanwhile, the snake body design reflects a realistic silhouette. The fine-cut diamonds only enhance their radiance.

Snake Pendants and Necklaces

Vintage snake pendants enjoy wide popularity as well. One of the most popular pendant designs includes one or two snakes wrapped around an object. The design comes from the inspiration of Greek mythology. The Greek God Hermes uses a Caduceus that has two snakes on a laurel stem.

You can also go for a glittering snake necklace with yellow gold. Some models are available with precious stones, such as sapphire, ruby, opal, and emerald. If you prefer a subtle look, you may choose platinum or silver snake pendants. You can pair it with a Bulgari diamond snake ring

For a bolder and edgier look, you can consider purchasing a vintage snake necklace. Choker designs show a snake wrapped around your neck and give you a unique look.

Snake Bracelets

Antique snake bracelets also make good statement jewelry. These pieces adorn your wrist and can give your outfit an enhanced look. Moreover, you can choose from numerous snake bracelet designs.

Some snake theme bracelets wrap around your arm in one turn, while others come in more turns. You can go for shiny yellow or white gold metal for a classy look. Or choose snake bracelets with precious stones for a more colorful look.

Art Deco snake designs make come with a three-dimensional look. It makes your bracelet more realistic and gives a unique appearance.

Snake Earrings

Vintage snake earrings are trending as well. You can go for a stylish look with a pair of platinum or gold earrings. For a more fashionable look, you can also flaunt a single statement snake earring.

Another popular snake earrings design is the dangling snake. You can usually find them in yellow gold and diamond pieces. Curvy designs with a smooth surface are also popular.

Retro-style ones come with a three-dimensional look as well. If you do not want to highlight the snake earrings, you can choose tiny snake-shaped gold earrings.

The Symbolism of Snake Jewelry

Snakes are among the oldest mythological symbols. They hold different significance in different eras and cultures. In Greek mythology, a snake symbolizes protection, healing, renewal, and growth.

In many cultures, snakes also represent fertility. As they shed the skin and continue with life, they are symbolic of rebirth, transformation, and eternity. Ancient Egyptians believe snakes to be a representation of the divine and royalty.

Meanwhile, Chinese mythology relates the snake to the Gods and view it as a symbol of good luck. You can draw inspiration from snake jewelry with its symbolic significance.

Snake jewelry is available in different forms. You can find them in reputable brands, such as the Bulgari diamond snake ring and ancient bracelets. Try experimenting with different jewelry forms, designs, and gemstones. Snake jewelry never fails to radiate a unique charm.


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