Do you want to retire in your 50’s? Do you want to take early retirement from your federal career? Retiring in your 50’s opposed to your 60’s may be for a good reason. While there can be many reasons to retire early, you should plan your early retirement if you are serious about the same. You can consult a federal consultant to plan your retirement in the right way.

Moreover, we have included five fundamental areas that you can consider when retiring early. You can hire a federal consultant who works with a FERS retirement benefit calculator and helps you plan your retirement for professional guidance.

Free Time

Many people want to have free time, so they think of retiring early. However, they don’t know how to manage it when they get retired. After all, you should never take the retirement decision in a hurry. When the thought of taking retirement in the ’50s comes to your mind, you should think about your spouse, friends, and colleagues who are still in the workforce.

Once you retire, your schedule may look different with a lot of free time you are not able to use. So, it is important to decide what you will do yourself after your retirement, including volunteering in the community, hiking local trails, trying new workouts, etc. If you don’t know how to plan your retirement, you can consult a federal professional who will help you with the federal government pension plan calculator.


Everyone wants to live a debt-free life. You may also think of having a debt-free life after your retirement. So, you should make sure whether or not you are debt-free if you are taking early retirement. Take a look at your finances and analyze if you have any consumer debt such as credit cards and auto loans. You should always consider paying off your mortgage.

Whether you own or rent a house, you need to prioritize your housing-related expenses and make them manageable in order to increase your cash flow. After all, if you are all set to retire in your 50’s, make sure you pay off your consumer debt. You can hire a federal professional who will help you with a FERS retirement benefit calculator for correct guidance on your retirement.


It is one of the biggest factors that matter a lot in your early retirement. So, before retiring from your federal job, you should keep in mind your expenses. You may need to bear more expenses after your retirement. When planning your retirement, you should be transparent with your expenses. Many people don’t consider their discretionary spendings like entertainment, travel, etc. These spendings may need you to bear major retirement expenses.

After all, you should know that you can spend an extra 10%-15% over your planned budget for the first couple of years of retirement. By doing so, you can keep yourself ahead of the game while having a buffer. A federal professional will help you with a federal government pension plan calculator for the best planning of your retirement.

Cash Reserves

Retirement is a critical phase of life when you need adequate cash reserves most. In simple terms, having the necessary cash reserve is never more important than retirement. So, if you are preparing to retire early, you should keep this in your mind. You should always try to keep yourself ready for your retirement in terms of cash. If you are unsure how to retire with adequate cash reserve in your 50’s, you should call a federal professional who will help you with a FERS retirement benefit calculator.

Retirement Savings

Most people in the United States have a large portion of their money in retirement accounts such as 401(k)s, IRAs, 403(b)s, TSPs, 457, etc. Having these accounts is best for retirement savings due to tax benefits. You should know that many employers offer sponsored retirement plans with withdrawal penalties before age 55. So, when you approach retirement, you should research different retirement account options. Moreover, as a federal employee, you get many retirement benefits. But it is good to consult a federal professional who will help you with a federal government pension plan calculator and plan your retirement in the best possible way. That’s all.


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