Anyone who has been around smoking accessories or related products like hookah, glass pipes for a while has experimented with different and advanced methods. There are a number of methods through which one can try smoking, and using a bong is one of the most popular ways. Bongs are typically used by smokers to make their experience smooth and cool down the inhaled vapor. You can find bongs in different sizes, shapes, and materials; you can buy silicone bongs easily to enhance your smoking experience. There is a lot to know about bongs, and in this writeup, we have tried to conclude almost all basic information one should have before using bongs. Read on!

History Of Bongs:

Bongs are nothing new on the market; in ancient times, bongs were popular for different smoking herbs- as far as 2,400 years ago. Nowadays, you can have stylish and fancy bongs, but in the ancient period, primitive bongs were discovered in parts of Africa and Central Asia. Bongs were often made from ceramic material.

“Note: The word “bong” comes from the Thai word “baung”, the name that represents bamboo tube bongs that were popular in Central Asia.”

What Is Bong ?

Bongs are simple devices that are used for filtration during the smoke. The most basic form of a bong is a cylinder tube with water at the bottom. Here, hold in the bong collects a stem and bowl. As the herb in the bowl is burned, the smoke developed is sucked down the stem under the water, and it is cooled. In simple words, it is used to cool and filter the smoke to produce a smooth, clean-tasting, and potentially healthier smoking experience.

The structure of the bong is simple. They come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. Some are very simple to use, as they come with a simple bowl and a chamber. Some are colorful and offer a different style to cool down the substance.

In the end, all types of bongs do basically the same work- filter and cool down the smoke that comes from the burning substance.

Parts Of Bongs:

  1. Bowl: This is the bulbous attached to the bong where the dried herb is loaded and then combusted; usually, in many bongs, this section of removable.
  2. Carb hole: It is short for the carburetor; the carb is a small hole that enables the user to clean up smoke from the bong chamber. Besides, the fancy designed bongs come with carb built-in.
  3. Downstem: It is a small tube that enables smoke to travel from the bowl to the base. This then enables the smoke to be percolated through the water.
  4. Base: At the bottom of the bong, you will have a base- it can be of many shapes. However, it usually comes in a bubble or beaker shape.
  5. Tube: The tube ends in a mouthpiece. It is a chamber or room that fills with smoke after it is filtered with water. If you use a modern or advanced bong, it will come with all kinds of twists on the same, including splash guards.

Bong Materials:

Bongs can be made with different materials – however, there is no specific material that can be called a perfect one; each comes with different pros and cons. Take a look at the most common material used in bongs.

Glass Bongs:

Glass bongs are one of the best options to choose from- the glass material does not affect the flavor of your herb or substance you are using. Glass bongs ensure to provide you a clean and pure taste.

Acrylic Bongs:   

Acrylic bongs are a popular choice for users, but for other reasons like this material makes bongs durable. It means you do not have to worry about the breaking of bongs if it slips from your hands. It is a good option for those who travel a lot.

Metal Bongs:

Metal bongs are not much popular on the market as glass and acrylic are, but metal bongs are also a good option to go with if you are not a regular user. Metal bongs are durable and strong and are quite inexpensive. But, with metal bongs, you cannot judge the right time to clean it. Besides, it can also affect the taste of your substance or herb.

Moving on, there many other options, including bamboo and wood bongs, ceramic bongs, and more. But it completely depends on you which you prefer. Before buying any type of bong, do your research for the best sellers and the best type of bong to have a smooth experience.


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