Summer was a whirlwind of activity and enjoyment. It’s that time of year when our busy vacation spot transforms into a peaceful small village with fewer visitors. Sunset Sailing with an adventurous and professional company is a great experience that you should look forward to. Fort Myers attracts a large number of visitors in the fall. We have a variety of seasonal markets and community events during the holidays that everyone is welcome to attend.

People sail all year, and the weather in Destin, Florida, is still pleasant and warm until mid-to-late November, with some windy nights.

Check out the few things listed below that you can do on daily sailing adventures at fort Myers and Destin.

Sunset Sails for the Whole Family

While a Sunset Sail can be romantic, Florida is a family-friendly excursion. People of all ages, including babies and little toddlers, are welcomed here. At any given time, we can transport up to six individuals. You can also get your drinks and food in an ice chest. Also, keep the things like sunscreen, towels, or blankets on cooler evenings with yourself. Sunglasses and a hat are recommended as we leave the harbor before the sunsets. You can also enroll to get a boating education and training in Florida before sailing.

Sunset Sailing is a romantic experience

Making people smile and, of course, sailing are two of Captain Pam’s favorite things to do. Sunset Sailing is a romantic activity, and it’s the ideal time to pop the question. It’s a dream come true to have a private boat charter take you into the beautiful sunset in the evening. The open Emerald Waters are usually picture-perfect, so all you need is a ring and your sweetheart.

Make a Reservation for a Fall Break in Destin

The cruises for daily sailing adventures in fort Myers provide a personalized experience for couples or families looking for a unique vacation. We sail through the Pass and into the Gulf of Mexico from the harbor. The view is very stunning and you should not miss out on this opportunity.


In the Fort Myers region, there are plenty of other exciting adventures. Suppose you don’t do anything else during your trip to Florida. In that case, the activities listed in this article will ensure that you have a memorable experience that will make your trip wholesome and enjoyable. Even if a selection of activities like this doesn’t fit into your itinerary, you’d be remiss if you didn’t return home with memories of a terrific time spent with Port of Call Charters. We hope to have the opportunity to welcome you to our city so that you can enjoy all that Florida has to offer.


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