For years, traditional excavation methods were used, creating huge messes to reveal underground utilities or construction. Standard methods were highly prone to workplace accidents and injuries, which have been changed due to Hydrovac excavation.

Hydrovac excavation has become a widely-used method and is a modern approach to traditional excavation. When you’re looking for Hydrovac services in Bonnyville but need to comprehensively understand what it entails for your business and its requirements, find out here.

Hydrovac Excavation

Hydrovac excavating is the process of using pressurized water to spray the ground so it can be loosened. It then creates a slurry that can be vacuumed into a debris tank present on the Hydrovac.

It is similar to pressure washing in the application, where high-pressure removes dirt and then vacuums onto another machine. Freshwater is used during this process, and there are different types of Hydrovac that you should consider when hiring Hydrovac Services, Cold Lake.

There are different capacities for vacuuming the slurry and water pressure. Depending on your requirements, you would need to decide the size of the Hydrovac or consult an expert.


There are many advantages when using Hydrovac services, especially when it comes to underground utilities. Traditional excavation tends to spread a lot of damage and injuries, whereas Hydrovac services can be cleaner and more efficient while reducing damage.

With Hydrovac services, Bonnyville, you will get the added advantage of having higher precision when exposing underground utilities, trenching, and so on. There is little clean-up required after the process has been finished, and the area can be returned to normal in no time at all.

When you’re using traditional excavation methods, there are many workforces required, which can end up adding costs for your project. If you want to use an eco-friendlier method for your construction needs, using Hydrovac services is the perfect way to go.

Different Uses

There are various uses of Hydrovac Services, Cold Lake, especially when you’re thinking of anything related to digging up the earth. Some of the uses are:

  • As Vacuum Tanking Services: You can utilize the vacuuming function of the Hydrovac to move fluids across distances without any manual excavation. Fluids like water can be vacuumed and deposited wherever the customer requires.
  • Exposing Services: When you need to expose the underground utilities, whether cables or pipes, Hydrovac services can help with minimal damage and disruption.
  • Pipeline Cleaning: If your pipes are breaking or leaking and causing messes underground, Hydrovac services are optimal. They can suck up soil and fluids in no time at all.
  • Trenching: When you need to lay down electrical lines or excavate hard-to-reach or crowded areas, there’s nothing better than a Hydrovac. Whether you’re laying down a new pipeline or need immediate excavation, this is an optimal method.

When you’re looking for higher accuracy and precision for your construction or utility activities, especially during winters, there’s nothing better than using a Hydrovac.

Ensure that you’re getting access to underground utilities optimally without excessive destruction when you’re availing the services of a Hydrovac. Your projects will get done on time without any unplanned disruptions.


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