Individual therapy is the form of treatment in which a therapist treats a client on a one-on-one basis. Individual therapy is among the most common forms of treatment that comprise many other forms of treatment. In individual therapy, both client and therapist work together to solve the client’s issues. The treatment consists of multiple sessions, and after each session, the therapist gives some tasks to the client to improve his mental health. If you seek individual therapy service in Bethesda or another location, this blog is for you because here, we will discuss some aspects of individual therapy.

What is the Process of Individual Therapy?

Many people seeking individual therapy in Bethesda, MD, have a question about the duration of the treatment. The total number of sessions that a therapy contains depends on the severity of the issue. Therefore, only the therapist can tell about it. Generally, a minimum of 8 sessions is needed to cure the patient. The therapist can also increase or decrease the sessions based on your performance in recovery.

The first session is all about “get to know.” Here, the therapist will ask you questions about you and your past experiences, family, friends, job, and current situation. Many people think that therapists also ask them about their private matters. But this is only a myth. None of the therapists ask you about your personal matters. In some cases, the problem is evident for both therapist and the client, while in others, you may have an underlying issue like depression, anxiety, etc.

After assessing your problem, the therapist prepares a treatment plan. Once you and your therapist develop awareness about the issue, both of you start working together. From here, the therapist begins implementing the program to resolve the issue.

During the session, if you experience that the therapy is going in a different direction, talk to your therapist immediately. However, this will rarely happen as the therapists are trained professionals with an extensive range of experience in providing therapies.

Client-therapist Relationship

One of the pillars that make individual therapy successful is the stability of the client-therapist relationship. Therefore, you must be comfortable with your therapist. It is because you never want to talk to a person whom you do not like. If you do not like your psychotherapist, you may not follow all the instructions.

While seeking individual therapy service in Bethesda, MD, you should know his qualities. By qualities, we mean the therapist’s behavior, patience, genuineness, honesty, etc., these qualities of the therapist help clients achieve their self-efficacy goal. If you have self-efficacy, you have a belief in yourself. This is what the aim of individual therapy service is.

Communication is one of the primary aspects of psychotherapy. Select a therapist whom you are comfortable in talking to. Obviously, it isn’t easy to communicate effectively when you meet a person for the first time. But with time, you lose your hesitation and develop healthy communication. Comfortable communication is necessary because it lets you share all your matters with the other person.

What are the Goals of Individual Therapy?

Following are the goals of individual therapy:

  • Identifying the coping strategies: Coping strategies are the ways to tackle the problems in life. Every person has some strategies to cope with a particular situation, but he has forgotten those strategies due to depression or anxiety. The therapists help you identify your own strategies to tackle your present problem. Apart from this, he also teaches you new tools and techniques to tackle difficulties in life.
  • Reordering the priorities: Sometimes, we have irrational expectations from ourselves and others. Such expectations are not necessary to achieve at that point of time. If you have such expectations, it is a matter of concern as it may take you towards a state of stress, depression, and anxiety. Calling an individual therapist will help you solve this issue. The therapist will teach you how to reorder the priorities and expectations in life according to the current situation.
  • Identify personal strengths: During hard times, many people are not able to recognize their strengths. This makes them unable to tackle the current issues. Psychotherapists help you realize your strengths so that you will be able to tackle any difficulties in your life.

Children and Individual Therapy

Psychotherapy for children is not the same as psychotherapy for adults. Children do not know the importance of psychotherapists. Therefore, individual therapy for children may not work in some cases. Hence, the presence of their parents is also essential.

Adolescents and Individual Therapy

Adolescence is the time when teens start learning about how to make decisions for themselves. This responsibility can affect many teenagers negatively. This age is susceptible. Therefore, teens need proper attention to make the right decision. Individual therapy services can help teenagers.


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