Pruning and trimming are two major landscaping methods that make your yard look better and contribute to the tree’s growth. While these two terms are used interchangeably, but there have different functions and use of tools. Below we will discuss pruning, different types of pruning, and the importance of Tree Pruning in Grand Rapids, MI.

Pruning the trees

Pruning is a simple process of selectively eliminating the branches from a tree using various tools. Pruning encourages growth, improves tree health, increases flower and fruit production, removes dead branches and leaves, eliminates dead limbs, and gives an aesthetic appeal to your tree. But pruning must be done properly at the right time. Otherwise, it may lead to killing the healthy tree. Even over-pruning negatively impacts the health of the tree.

Types of pruning

Pruning is a highly important activity that requires attention to detail. It is not something that anyone can do with no practical knowledge. In general, there are five types of pruning that you need to know.

  • Crown cleaning– It is the basic pruning type that includes removal of dry, dead, diseased and broken branches. It is the easiest pruning type that anyone can do with little guidance.
  • Crown thinning– It is the method of selectively removing the branches to increase air movement and light penetration through the crown of the tree. Plus, it opens up the tree’s foliage, reduces weight, and helps retain a natural shape of the tree. Experts recommend not removing more than one-fourth of the live foliage while thinning the crown.
  • Crown reduction– It is a method of clearing tree branches from various objects like buildings, signs, or lights. Plus, it is also used to reduce the tree’s canopy to decrease its height and diameter. The ultimate goal of the crown reduction is to preserve the limb mass, ensure its healthy growth pattern with less the chance of decay, reduce its height and length, and protect the overall size of the tree canopy. Crown reduction must be performed with extreme care and attention. Be sure you leave this task to professionals who have high knowledge and experience in doing it to avoid a drastic change in the canopy’s shape.
  • Crown restoration– It is the most important pruning method that involves cutting back the branches back to smaller than their normal size, so the tree regains its shape and natural appearance. A crown restoration is also done when some part of the tree is damaged from the storms. Usually, the crown is restored by eliminating the weak and broken branches, at least 1/3 diameter of the parent limb.
  • Crown rising- This method consists of removing or pruning lower branches to provide a vertical clearance to the tree. Crown rising is done on the bottom of the crown by removing the lower branches of the tree.

Following are the reasons of tree pruning;

Before you speak to professionals for the tree pruning, you should know the key reason why the pruning is done and what you can achieve with pruning.

  • Shape– It is the ultimate goal of pruning in most cases. Trees that have grown out inconsistently or their growing pattern does not appear good can be pruned to reshape it.
  • Restrict the tree size– It is especially important when you live in an area with limited space. People living in urban areas always have some kinds of pruning to restrict the size of the tree to prevent branches from overspreading. Root pruning is also done to restrict the size of the tree.
  • Allow more light to come in– If your tree crown is extremely shady and you want to have sunlight reach to the ground level for plants and lawn grass, pruning will help to do it.
  • Safeguard people and property– Trees planted near homes, play areas, and sheds can pose a potential threat to human safety if a heavy branch falls down.
  • Enhance overall appearance– Removing dead and unwanted branches can create an incredible tree shape that looks neat and clean, which directly enhances the property’s appearance and value.

Final words

All you have to do is approach the Tree Pruning Company in Grand Rapids for the best tree pruning services. Ensure the tree pruning services include entire pruning works, including clearance of the mess created after pruning.


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