You can find different options available in the marketplace when it comes to hair extensions. So, you need to find something that suits your requirements, style sense, and budget. Synthetic hair is a standard option available in the marketplace. However, human hair extensions, sold by different retailers and brands, can be a better option.

But what makes them a better option than synthetic hair?

Natural Look

Females use extensions to increase the length and volume of their hair naturally. Many women keep their hair short as it stops growing after hitting a certain age.

Extensions made from human hair can blend naturally with your hair. While synthetic hair feels and looks fake. It seems brittle, not silky and soft. You can find many smooth and luxurious clip-on hair extensions that you add quickly to your tresses.

Styling According to Your Needs

With natural hair extensions, you can create various styles that are impossible to make with synthetic hair. If you use human hair extensions, you can treat them the way you want.

Remember, extensions don’t receive natural oils from your scalp. Add a small number of products like Moroccan oil to solve this issue. It will help you get back the moisture into your hair cuticles of human hair extensions after using styling equipment such as straighteners and curlers.

Safe Human Hair Dyeing

Many women buy lighter-colored sets such as stylish extra-thick beach blonde hair extensions to dye them at home or with the help of stylists. When you use natural hair, you get a variety of options.

You can dye your hair darker, but it is not advisable to bleach lighter. So, you should start with a light-colored set and work with your hair styling. Create highlight or dip-dye effects without stress when you use hair extensions.

Long-term Value

Synthetic hair extensions cost less than clip-on hair extensions. You can’t dye, heat, curl or straighten synthetic hair, but that does not look and feel natural. Before making a purchase, you should compare both by searching online.

High-quality extensions are made of Remy hair which means the cuticles are aligned. Such cuticles cause natural-looking hair, which is quite similar to the direction of your natural hair. Remy’s hair tends to cost approximately 15% more than non-Remy hair. Thus, it would help if you bought extensions made of Remy hair rather than wigs or synthetic hair.

The Bottom Line

These are why human hair extensions are a much better option than synthetic hair. If you are planning to increase the length of your hair naturally, go for extensions right away.


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