Whether you’re buying or selling a property, finding your way through the real estate market on your own is next to impossible. So, you are compelled to hire the services of a professional. Naturally, you will have certain expectations from the agent. Since you’re taking a huge step, it helps if your agent offers assistance in making an informed decision.

If you are looking to employ the services of top-rated real estate agents in Oakland, CA, it isn’t going to be easy. So, the best option for you would be to look for enduring qualities, some of which includes the following:

The Right Skills and Experience

The first quality you must look for in a real estate agent is overall expertise and knowledge. On that front, you must focus on the overall skill set and knowledge. The agent should have good interpersonal skills and must be able to make a personal connection. If you’re comfortable working with the agent, it means you ‘ve made a perfect choice.

Good Understanding of the Local Market

A top-rated real estate agent understands the various nuances of the local real estate market. Because of the inside knowledge and information attained through years of experience, the agent will be in a position to help you find the property of your choice.

Self -Motivated and Passionate

The real estate agent should be self-motivated and passionate. It helps when you have someone who is willing to walk the extra mile to protect your key interest. Only those who are passionate can find success in the real estate sector. In the end, it all comes down to serving your best interest.

Must be Honest

Since you are relying on the services of a professional to make an informed decision, the agent should be honest and forthcoming. The agent should make it a point to guide you through the whole process. To cut a long story short, the agent you are hiring should always have the best interest in your mind.


Finding a professional real estate agent in Orinda, CA, is not necessarily a tall task. All you have to do is to make the right choice. Always make sure to find someone who is the right person for the job. When you work closely with a top-rated professional, it means your interest is in good hands.

Hopefully, the tips discussed in this blog will help you to locate a realtor of your choice.











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