If you’ve ever been presented with birthday or anniversary cakes, there is always something else to see – apart from the beautiful and flavoured treat. One significant thing you’ll see is a cake board lying beneath the cake to hold it together. Without the cake board, it will be almost impossible to have the cake carried or presented in the first place.

What are Cake Boards?

A Cake Board is a thick material piece that does only one primary work – to support the cake. Secondarily, they enhance the easy presentation of cakes and make them easy to transport from one location to another. There are different types of cake boards depending on size, shape, materials, and designs. Each of these types plays a role in how easy it would be to stabilize the cake for an event.

What are Custom Printed Cake Boards?

As mentioned earlier, cake boards have several designs that make them useful for a designed purpose. One of the most extraordinary designs is Cake boards with custom logo. This board type is unique because it does not only support the cake for easy transportation but also beautifies it.

Where Will You Find Cake Boards with Custom Logo?

Custom cake boards are all around, but it might be a little challenging to find the best that suits your taste. Sometimes, you could make a DIY cake board by doing the following;

  1. Get a piece of plywood or Masonite.
  2. Use a pair of scissors to cut the wood into the desired style
  3. Use aluminium foil to decorate every part of the board. First, roll out the foil; next, place the board over the foil. Then, cut out the foil in the board’s shape, leaving extra around the edges for tucking.
  4. Finally, use a glue gun to hold the foil and the board together.

However, not many people may have the time to do a DIY cake board; hence, getting the right source or platform that sells will do a great deal of good. Freshboards is an excellent platform that will offer you everything deserving as regards your cake board needs.

What Freshboard Custom Printed Cake Boards Looks Like?

Freshboard pays good attention to the quality of its cake boards so that bakers or users (generally) wouldn’t have problems supporting their cakes with them. This brand makes custom cake boards to ease the stress of going through different processes by yourself and making something undeserving.

These custom cake printed boards are made of FDA approved and high-density corrugated plastic that is 100% recyclable. These boards are improved with good resistance to moisture, grease, freezing temperatures, etc. Likewise, they are available in several colours and patterns.

Being a brand that is intentional about enhancing cake designs, they offer custom printed logos and custom colours. If you would also like to add your logo or colour to attract people interested in the cake, they provide the service very much. All you have to do is visit the website and place an order online.


Cake Boards with custom logos are not hard to find anymore because great brands like Freshboards provide what you need. Irrespective of the cake boards’ shape, you’ll be grateful to have this brand help you through your cake support journey.


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