Now you are ready to get a complete pool and spa restoration, especially one that features the beautiful oasis of your dreams. A complete pool renovation will provide a custom swimming pool surrounded by inspiring water and fire features. But getting a new pool constructed is a huge project that you cannot undertake alone because it requires a lot of time, money, and effort.

There are different kinds of pools to build, so it’s possible that you already have one in mind, including the type of material and the various features you want in your pool. However, a major concern remains “What to look for in a swimming pool contractor?”. You need to hire the right pool contractor with experience, knowledge, and skills in giving you the pool of your dreams.

Below are the top things to consider when choosing a pool contractor in your area.

  1. Experience

Experience is a major key to look out for when choosing a pool contractor, especially when building your dream pool. The experience of your pool contractor is reflected in their creativity, construction quality, and most importantly, in their ability to handle certain challenges under pressure. To renovate a swimming pool requires many skills and expertise that can only be acquired with time and experience.

  1. Customer References

An experienced and professional pool contractor will always be ready to provide you with a list of previous clients for a recommendation. You could use the opportunity to ask questions like how many swimming pools they have constructed, installed, or renovated since they have been in the business. Feel free to ask how many customer references they can get from that list.

The number of references they are ready to give out determines the number of projects they may have completed in the past year. That way, you can identify a red flag, indicating poor customer satisfaction.

  1. Warranty of the Job

Always hire a Commercial Pool Renovations company that promises a workmanship warranty. You could set up a meeting to discuss the issues that would be covered in the warranty. Also, inquire about the duration of the warranty.

The minimum warranty by law maybe for just a year, but issues concerning plumbing leaks and other structural problems don’t usually come up for at least a year. Confirm that the warranty applies for longer than a year so that you are not held responsible for payment attached to repairs and renovations caused by mistakes during the construction process.

  1. Qualification and Pool Insurance

As a home or property owner, you must ensure you are hiring a qualified and insured pool contractor. The essence of getting a qualified contractor is to ensure full-time protection over your legal interests in case of any injuries or damages. Many people are victims of poor pool renovation services, so you need to be certain that the pool contractor you intend to hire has a permit that allows them to operate on your property legally.

If you are looking for professional and high-quality pool renovation workmanship, don’t hesitate to ask the pool contractor for their insurance and permit details.

  1. Reviews, Ratings, and Reputation

One more thing you need to check out when choosing a commercial pool renovations company, especially once you plan to hire, is their online reviews. With customer reviews, you can find out how the company responds to complaints and the general opinion that surrounds their quality and works ethics. Ensure you also go through their feedback to assess their reputation and reliability.

An extra hint is to explore sites such as Facebook, Google, and Yelp. If you are still not satisfied with the results after going through each step, it is time to look for another pool renovation company. Your research paid off.


Whether you want to upgrade your swimming pool or get a total overhaul, you need an expert to guide and help you through the process. An experienced pool remodeler can give you the complete pool and spa restoration you desire. Expect an amazing transformation even as you contact one today.


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