Earning the 1 year AA medallion can sound overwhelming (if not impossible) for many people going into the Alcoholics Anonymous network. It’s something to look forward to and be praised for achieving this significant landmark. Choices Gifts is proud to sell a range of sobriety chips, medallions, and coins to better celebrate this milestone.

Whether it is the first day or year 40, the treatment is also very much based on “one day at a time.” While reaching the first-year mark is a huge success, sobriety is a process that is a new move—taking the time to focus on your success from day one if you are about to get your 5 year AA medallion. It’s nice to take a look back and see how far you’ve come, but only for a moment. The most critical day is still today.

A Day Is To Be Celebrated

One year is a significant healing achievement and can be celebrated! Make arrangements that will help you maintain your new sober lifestyle. Maybe now is the time to pursue a different hobby or reconnect with family and friends that you’ve always wanted to do. Whatever you do to celebrate, remember that you have won it. The annual AA coin is a token of your contribution to your health and a guide to help you bring the statement on to everyone now that you’ve taken your first sober journey from around the world.

Choices Gifts has a range of chips and coins to celebrate the first year of sobriety (or any year). These one-year or 5 year AA medallions create thoughtful presents for relatives and friends, and some of our items can be engraved for a personal touch.

So you’ve made it 365 days without doing any drugs! That’s quite an achievement, given that the first year of healing is always the most difficult. This year has been full of first times for you, forcing you to discover new things about yourself and what you wish to achieve.

What to Do after Reaching the One-Year Mark

You find out several things about who you are and your environment in your first year. This includes the right ways to communicate with all and everything around you. Here are some advice from Choices Gifts:

Stay aware of Recovery Maintenance

Since you’ve been in recovery for a year, it’s an ideal opportunity to ensure you stick with it by making a framework or plan for what’s to come. Alongside a worked-out “recuperation plan,” it’s additionally indispensable to address your specialist or expert medication instructor for guidance on the ideal approaches to keep refueling your energy for healing.

Stay Active in the Recovery Community

After your first year of recovery, you may feel you have gotten back to “typical life” and are keeping a task, public activity, and partaking in new pastimes. Be sure you’re additionally as yet set aside a few minutes for your care groups where you can make long-lasting kinships and associations with individuals who are likewise in recuperation.

Keep a Journal

Recording your considerations, thoughts, encounters, and whatever is going through your head can be inconceivably helpful. It is a fundamental propensity that is valuable for remaining consistent with your recuperation cycle. If you have a terrible day and start to think adversely or feel that you would like to be closer to everyone else with your contemplations, record them! In the end, you will be grateful when you receive your 1 year AA medallion from other members.

Keep on mastering New Skills.

Quite possibly the most effective activities since you’ve conquered the snags during the foremost year of your street to recovery is to start to challenge yourself by mastering new fundamental abilities. Since you’ve done a great deal of self-investigation, it’s an ideal opportunity to proceed and increase your growth objectives.

The primary year of healing is something to be glad for while additionally realizing that it’s simply the start of your renewed purpose for carrying on with life. Before long, you will praise more achievements in your recovery, after a seemingly endless amount of time after a year, proceeding to develop yourself as a more grounded and even individual.

You can step up from one-year sobriety to getting a 5 year AA medallion. It all depends on your determination. Choices Gifts produces some of the best AA medallions for friends, families, and other members of sobriety groups.


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