Grilling is the way to live for many. It brings you closer to your loved ones, and it became a regular affair during COVID times. In 2020, grilling fans spent about $4.9 billion on outdoor cooking equipment. This was for both over-counter grills and custom-built grills and smokers in Arkansas. Smoking is a technique that renders a unique flavor to food, making for delectable slices of meat that are bound to be gobbled up immediately. Custom-built grills in Oklahoma are the rage as they are made to your specifications and meet your requirements to the tee. The different types of smoke cookers out there are discussed here.

Vertical Water Smokers

In these areas, the name suggests vertical and use charcoal and wood chips for fuel. Place a pan of water on the hot charcoals to create a moist cooking atmosphere. Ideal for small gatherings, the smoker, can accommodate about eight to ten baby rib racks at once.

Offset Smokers – Horizontal

Usually made from retired propane tanks, the offset smoker has a fuel box attached to its side. It uses logs rather than chips of wood to cook the food and provide a smokey flavor. If you buy one from the hardware store, make sure that the metal is thick and the doors seal well to encompass the heat and smoke.

Reverse Flow Smokers

Quite similar to the offset smoker, but much more efficient, the reverse flow smoker is one of the leading types of smokers in today’s bbq marketplace. The heat and smoke is forced to travel

the length of the smoker under the reverse flow plate. The heat then rises upward and has to travel to the opposite end of the chamber to exit the exhaust. It makes an S pattern through the cook chamber for even coverage. The reverse flow plate also heats up and becomes a convection plate so that heat rises up through the chamber for even, more efficient cooking.

Electronic Smokers

For those who enjoy a grilled steak but don’t want to tend to it while it cooks. Electric smokers embody convenience by arranging the meat in the racks and setting the dial to your requirements. Cleaning after wards is the best because there is no ash left over, only the drippings. Custom-built grills Oklahoma provides smokers of every size and are highly durable.

Propane Smokers

Similar to the electric smoker, the only difference is, it is fueled by gas. The temperature is not controlled automatically, but the thermometer on it helps you manage the temp manually.

Smoking and is the ultimate way to relax and let loose with your loved ones. You can also show off your cooking skills while enjoying a delicious meal with those you care for.





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