There’s a huge need for electronic fingerprinting services in Delray Beach, FL, in the United States. This is because many industries now require their employees to undergo background checks using fingerprinting services Boynton Beach FL identification technology as part of their hiring process.

Law enforcement agencies first started using the level 2 live scan fingerprinting services in Lake Worth for criminals. Biometrics by law enforcement agencies is used to identify criminals, forensics, crime scene investigations, etc.

Here are different types Of Fingerprinting Services:

Ink and Roll Fingerprints

The Ink and roll fingerprinting services need the traditional methods of taking the marks on your fingers. Note that this kind of service involves Ink to record your fingerprints correctly. However, the processing time can be long, taking up to 10-12 weeks.

The Ink roll fingerprinting services can be used if you are to get a foreign police clearance. Sometimes, you have to take the ink and roll level 2 live scan fingerprinting services in Lake Worth for high-level security screening purposes. But the ink fingerprints are used for criminal record checks and police certificate applications.

Electronic Fingerprinting

The electronic fingerprinting services happens to be a fully digital solution that adds more automation to the fingerprinting process. Someone’s fingerprints can be captured digitally and used for conducting any criminal record search on both state and federal (FBI) databases.

Fingerprinting services might be for you if you’re doing fingerprinting for the first time. It will make lots of sense if you’re planning to upgrade from traditional ink fingerprint processing to more advanced or electronic fingerprinting services.

Electronic fingerprinting happens to be an efficient solution that does well for individuals and organizations being fingerprinted. There are some benefits of using electronic fingerprinting services in Delray Beach, FL, which include:

Minimizing error due to the fingerprint images can be scanned and uploaded directly into a database.

  • There’s the absence of Ink which makes it less messy for people handling the fingerprints.
  • The fingerprint results can be stored and accessed digitally.

Live Scan

Live Scan fingerprinting happens to be one of the current methods of taking fingerprints that simplifies the process. It involves using digital capture of the print, which also can send the information immediately. As a result, level 2live scan fingerprinting services in Lake Worth has become the standard in the industry, even though rolled ink is still in use.

Whenever you want to start a fingerprinting business, it is vital to provide level 2 live scan fingerprinting services in Lake Worth, rolled Ink fingerprinting services, and Delray Beach FL’s electronic fingerprinting services to your clients. This is because some may need a specific kind of print, which will depend on the reason for having their fingerprints taken.

Fingerprint Criminal Record Research

Fingerprinting is just a procedure involving taking valid fingerprints and searching for the fingerprint that matches it in a range of criminal databases. But the records found in state or federal databases may not be complete 100 percent or may not be up to date every time.

For you to ensure that there’s no missing information, there’s a need for additional research as a supplement to electronic fingerprinting. Making research can be very helpful once a criminal record is found via a database search. Then more information or verification is required.

Note that criminal record research involves doing in-depth research at the originating court. However, when you work with a certified background screening company that conducts their research using a combination of record search technology and qualified researchers, you will end up getting the results you need quickly.


Both fingerprinting services Boynton Beach FL and the electronic fingerprinting services Delray Beach FL are currently making waves in the US. This is because more organizations are using it due to its effectiveness.

While the level 2 live scan fingerprinting services Lake Worth is one of the backbones of many criminal and non-criminal applications and without this technology, the law enforcement agencies won’t be as efficient as they are today.



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