Did you know, according to a study, that more than 40 % of people have had family members of closed ones who suffered from the prolonged illness in last five years of duration? These numbers are quite bigger.

Patients suffering from prolonged illness may experience extreme discomfort and pain. They find difficulty in performing day-to-day activities. At this stage, they need someone who can be with them whenever they needed. Families play a critical role in providing every possible help to the patient, but at times this help does not seem enough.

Basically, the patient suffering from prolonged illness and having no more than less months to live needs someone who can dedicatedly offer care and support to them. This is where the hospice care services come to help the patients and allow the family to relax and continue to perform other responsibilities. But the point is how to know when to call the best hospice care services in Lancaster. Below are the common signs one’s hospice care.

Patients are always in pain

There are plenty of prolonged illnesses that compel the patient to live with the persistent pain and discomfort. The prolonged illnesses make it very difficult for the patient to move around comfortably. This ultimately affects the patient’s mental health and makes them feel miserable. Hospice care helps patients manage their pain. Hospice care staff are specialized in figuring out the cause of pain and what to do to alleviate the pain. The patients can continue with the medications that their physicians recommend to alleviate the pain.

Sudden increase in hospital trips 

Does it seem like your loved one has frequently been visiting the hospitals for the past couple of days? If yes, you should directly speak to your doctors and take a proper report of their health status. You should also ask your doctor whether the patient should be referred to hospice care or not. If your physician suggests you admit to hospice care, then don’t ignore it and get your loved one admitted to the hospice services in Lancaster.

It is not compulsory to ask to take a doctor’s recommendation. If you think that your loved one should be transferred to hospice care, then you should do this. It will not only save a hefty sum of money being spent on their hospital trips but also give your patient’s the right care and support they actually need at that time. A good hospice care facility will take responsibility for the patient’s care and ensure the patients don’t need to visit the hospital too frequently. In fact, they will work to alleviate the pain by easing the symptoms.

Unable to take care of themselves 

If your dying loved one is not capable of eating, bathing, walking, dressing, and using the bathroom, it is a clear sign they need hospice care. Hospice care service will deploy a hospice care professionals who will help the patient perform their day-to-day tasks. It is obvious that when the patient suffers from prolonged illness, their body gets weakened. As a result, over a period of time, they lose their body strength and eventually end up having problems while performing day-to-day tasks.

Miss to take medications 

Prolonged illnesses badly affect the physical and mental health of the patient. Consequently, the patient tends to forget things easily. If your loved one often forgets to take medications, hire hospice care professionals. They will help the patient to take their medications timely.

Patients fall or slip

The pain associated with prolonged illness makes the patients feel very uncomfortable while sitting and getting around. This pain won’t allow the patient to walk easily, which may lead to falls and slipping. This can ultimately cause injuries. If your loved one is above 60 and potential falls and slips have already occurred, you should take it seriously and hire hospice services in Lancaster for them. Hospice care professionals will help the patient to walk around easily.

Losing weight rapidly

Patients tend to lose weight when suffering from a prolonged illness, especially in the last stage of the illness. If you notice that your loved one is losing weight at a rapid pace, you must consider the best hospice care services in Lancaster for them. They will help your loved ones maintain their weight and ultimately improve their lives.


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