Technology has made it possible to enjoy live streamed yoga classes. As yoga is pretty much an exercise you do anytime and anywhere, why not online?

This is a good way for beginners to start the discipline. It also makes it easier to fit in yoga amidst your busy schedule.

We put together some resources to help you find live streamed yoga classes.

Practicing Yoga Online

By choosing to practice yoga online, you can save yourself a lot of money. While many of the options are free, others cost only a fraction of what a physical class will.

To enjoy live streamed yoga classes, try any of these platforms:

#1. Youtube

This streaming site is home to about anything. From funny cat videos to easy workouts you can find anything on YouTube.

The good part is that the best yoga videos from leading Yoga trainers such as Wave Street Live are free on YouTube. Also, there are different categories for different levels of participants.

So, if you’re a beginner or an advanced practitioner, there’s yoga for you on youtube.

#2. Roku

Another great way to enjoy meditation is through yoga streaming on Roku. Without a doubt, Roku is home to some of the best yoga and fitness programs. A prime example is the live classes by Wave Street Live.

Not only are these classes free, but there are also different categories. This is to ensure they meet all your individual needs.

You can enjoy yoga streaming on Roku or from your mobile device. The classes consist of teachers with some students in the studio, streaming live.

With this, you can get the feel of a community while you meditate. Take advantage of over 250 classes today.

#3. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is not only fit for watching exclusive entertainment content. You find live streamed yoga classes on there too.

With a valid membership, you no longer need to pay fees for physical yoga classes. If you have yoga equipment at home, proceed to find the best yoga content on Amazon Prime.

You can access them from your mobile phone, tablet, or other devices. Then, watch from any location you find yourself.

#4. Podcasts

This audio discussion platform is popular for educational and entertaining content. What you may not know is that you can also enjoy live streamed yoga classes on it.

If you want to shut the world out, start by listening to a yoga podcast. There are several amazing options to pick from.

Whether you are a yoga teacher or a beginner, you can learn a lot from these podcasts. Since it goes into your ears, it provides a stronger connection than other mediums.


Finding the right yoga class can leave you at wit’s end. This is where live streamed yoga classes come in.

They allow you to practice yoga at your convenience. We pooled some of the best options in this article. Check them out!



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