Hydrovac services in Alberta serve various purposes that are unbeatable in efficiency, safety, and effectiveness without being expensive. Whether a pipeline shows signs of a leak or a septic line is blocked, causing a vile stench, the crew are always ready to be of service. Working in Alberta despite the weather conditions is not easy, but the best vendor for hydrovac services based in Bonnyville is available throughout the year. Keeping in mind the hindrances caused by Canadian permafrost in the long and cold winter, they have a solution for dealing with it to prevent slowing down progress.

The right tools for the job

You might wonder why the futuristic trucks manufactured by leading brands are vital for hydrovacing. The answer is that there is a lot of coordination and other activities needed for the site when daylighting, trenching, or vacuuming operations begin. The pressure of the water, which can be cold or hot, and the suction of the vacuum hose needs to be adjusted by remote control. These minor adjustments can make a world of difference where safety and preventing the slightest damage to lines below the surface are concerned. The hydrovac truck has a one million BTU boiler onboard for heating the water for quicker dilution of soil and other debris. In winter, this boiler is a game-changer because where other solutions fail in the face of Canadian permafrost, the hydrovac operator uses high-pressure hot water to blast through it, quickly reaching the infrastructure of lines below without damaging anything.

Hydrovac trucks can be parked hundreds of feet away from a site and remain effective for the job at hand. The spray of high-pressure water through a wand and the vacuum hose is connected to two separate tanks on the truck, which are for water and debris. The truck ensures consistency in the force of the water and suction regardless of its distance from the site. However, it’s most effective up to 600 ft. away from the excavation site. This ability makes it useful for various types of sites which cannot bear the load of heavy trucks. Also, with the wand and vacuum hose, the operator can reach hard to access areas and networks of lines below the surface without causing any damage. It’s this combination of high-pressure water and powerful vacuum that makes it the ideal solution for many trenching and daylighting-related activities at various sites across Alberta. What’s more, after the crew has finished, there’s hardly any trace of debris, thereby leaving the site ready for the client’s team. The solutions provided by the hydrovac crew can be specifically for industrial vacuum system services or a combination like what’s recommended for septic cleaning & snaking services.

‘Hydrovacing’ is a combination of water and vacuuming

Whether it’s a storage tank for chemicals/ liquids/ water or a frozen septic line, heated water is essential for quick progress in thawing the payload in the winter. The wand melts the frozen matter, and the massive vacuum hose quickly delivers it using suction inside the debris tank to prevent it from freezing again at the same spot. In the case of septic pipes, grease and other waste material at one location can grow in size to eventually block liquids from passing through. Depending on the temperature, a snake has inserted to clean out the blockage in the septic pipeline by spraying a powerful jet of water as it proceeds forward, helped by six jets at the back to add impact and a forward motion. If this method is unsuccessful in unblocking the line, the hydrovac crew use their expertise at excavation to expose the underground septic pipe for repair or replacement.

Crews with specialists from Alberta

Most problems faced by clients for septic pipelines and frozen liquids at industrial sites are during winter. Most crew members for Alberta’s top hydrovac company are from Bonnyville and neighboring areas. They understand the geography and engineering used to lay down lines underground in their area. Often, they start work early in the day, and the site is a carpet of grass, which by the end of the day has been uncovered to expose the network of neatly placed lines underground. The debris consisting of sludge is in the truck’s tank, and anybody inspecting the area will never know it was covered by soil and green grass a day back!

Whether it’s silt in a culvert, grease in a septic pipeline or a tank of frozen chemicals, Bonnyville’s top hydrovac crew has the most effective solutions for industrial vacuum system services, septic cleaning & snaking, plus more. A quick call will have them on their feet and ready to face any challenge related to their expertise with a smile and positive attitude.


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