Basketball is a team sport that involves high-intensity activities such as shuffling, jumping, sprinting, and direction changes. Basketball players need to have muscular strength, aerobic capacity, speed, and agility. The intense professional basketball training in Raleigh under the best basketball trainer can only help you to excel in this game.

Jared Grady “JG”

Jared Grady “JG” is one of the most popular basketball trainers nowadays. He is a former basketball player who played 24 basketball games as a Grayhounds and won 20 games for the second year in a row in 2012- 2013.

Also, he reached the NCAA tournament for the continuous third year in a row with an average of 5.4 points and 1.8 rebounds in 14 minutes per game, scored 10 or more points in 5 games. Likewise, he continued to play for several years and achieved a lot of success in the Basketball game.

His immense experience as a basketball player will play a significant role in helping the new basketball players looking forward to becoming professional basketball players and want to take their game to the next level.

Importance of professional basketball training

Training plays a significant role in becoming a professional basketball player. Since every anticipated basketball player is getting professional training, it becomes extremely important to get trained under the right basketball trainer to compete with others at every level.

Basketball trainers work on every aspect of basketball training, including dribbling, rebounding, shooting, repetitions, finishing, passing, on-ball defense, and off-ball defense.


Dribbling is the most important basketball skill to learn the basketball game. Dribbling allows the players to move around the basketball court rightly without getting whistled for a traveling violation.

Dribbling improves the passing angle, advancing the ball up the court and penetrating the hoop. The head trainer works on improving the dribbling skills during the training session with other players.


Rebounding is about securing the ball after a missed shot. It is an important basketball skill to learn irrespective of what position you play and how taller a player you are.

Rebounding is a 3-step basketball technique that includes find, hit, and get. As the basketball leaves the shooter’s hands, all the defenders need to find their opponent.

Once the opponent is found, prevent them from getting close to the rim and grabbing the basketball.

The purpose is to increase the space between the rim and yourself to get a bigger chance of the basketball landing in your area. Eventually, you pursue basketball by this technique.


It is considered the most important basketball skill. There are two stages to learn this interesting skill, i.e., technique and repetition.

The basketball trainers also work on your correct hand placement, balanced base, eye on the target, elbow under the basketball, and follow thoroughly.

The trainer closely works with the trainer and develops this technique in the players. Players need to practice this technique over and over again to excel in it.


Players must know how to score at the basketball rim using various finishing techniques successfully. The major finishing techniques include layup, underhand layup, euro step, floater, off-foot layup, and reverse layup.

Just like other skills like dribbling, the players need huge practice to learn the finishing techniques. It is a fact that they cannot learn this overnight. The trainer will support the players to learn the art of scoring a goal in the rim by implementing the finishing techniques. 


As basketball is a team sport, the basketball trainers teach players to learn how to pass the ball with the right coordination.

Usually, the basketball trainers give each player a partner, set everyone up in two lines, and give one of each pair of basketball, and finally ask the players to continually pass the ball back and forth using various techniques that include chest pass, bounce pass, overhead pass, one-handed pass, and baseball pass. This skill requires great attention and decision-making ability.

On-ball defense

Like scoring a goal is important to learn, it is also important to learn how to defend an opponent. The main goal of an on-ball defender is to stay between your opponent and the basket at all times.

Off-ball defense

It is about defending away from basketball. The key goal of this technique is correct positioning. The trainers also put effort into learning this skill as well.

Final thoughts

The popular basketball trainer Jared Grady “JG” is committed to provide training to the basketball player to excel in every basketball skill mentioned above. The students need to join professional basketball training in Raleigh to get trained under the professional basketball trainer.


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