Even though today you find dozens of window treatment options, but homeowners still love the roller shades for generations because of their sleek appearance and class style. The simplicity and ease of operation make roller shades window treatment in Malibu a favorite option for bedrooms, living rooms, and offices.

Many people believe that roller shades had made their first appearance in the 17th century. And by the 18th century, roller shades were being widely used in many European countries like England, France, and Holland. Meanwhile, many artists used to hand-painted the roller shades so people passing outside can see its decor. Roller shades were mounted to the window frame and the homeowners had to hand-rolled the roller shades to see outside.

They are mainly available in four main types.

Today roller shades are available in sheer, semi-sheer, semi-opaque, and blackout. Blackout roller shades can block 99% of natural light. However, the semi-sheer and semi-opaque allow varying amounts of light to enter inside, depending on the type of fabric used to design the particular roller shade.

They can save a lot of money.

The soaring energy bills can be significantly reduced by installing roller shades. These are highly energy-efficient window treatment options. For instance, blackout shades made of thick material can block 99% of outside light, keeping the indoor temperature more consistent in summer. As a result, you may not need to run the air conditioner system all the time. The thick and dark fabrics of roller shades act as an insulation barrier between outside light and the indoor environment.

Roller shades come with two types of lift systems

Some roller shades come with a cordless spring roller shade lift system that allows you to pull the bottom of the roller shades to release the spring and lower your shade. The lift system can be updated with the clutch loop lift cord system, featuring a nylon chain loop that you pull to lift and lower the roller shades.

Roller shades can be paired with curtains.

Roller shades are sleek and simple, which makes it possible to pair with the window curtains or drapes. This way, you can add more privacy and style, making your room appears larger than before. Ensure you pair the right set of curtains that complements the roller shades. Here you can speak to the window treatment experts. They will guide you through pairing the right window curtains with the roller shades.

They are an inexpensive window treatment option.

If budget is your concern, roller shades are the best option without compromising the basic features like light control, energy efficiency, and privacy. In short, you can get all benefits within your budget. All you have to need to do is contact your window treatment experts. They will guide you to choose the best shades roller window treatments in Malibu that perfectly fit your window and complement the home décor. Many popular window treatment experts operate in Malibu. Shortlist some and approach the best one that can accomplish your purpose within your budget


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