After the repairs in the dwelling are finally completed, you have to think about another important stage before using the premises – cleaning. However, now the housing needs to be washed after this repair. Renovating an apartment, private house, or office is a very laborious and responsible process. You can entrust the work to a building maintenance janitorial services in North Carolina, which will do everything very quickly and efficiently. There will always be a lot of nuances, because of which you will have to change your plans for arranging the space more than once. Only one thing will remain unchanged – the post-construction cleaning of the premises.

Why is it important to clean up on time after repairs?

The most important factor driving the need for cleaning is health. After the repair, the premises are in an extremely cluttered and dusty state, while the particles of dust and the remaining construction debris act as an irritant to the skin and lungs of a person.

Note that unsafe chemicals are often used during the repair. If not cleaned on time, they can lead to many health problems.

If the premises is not cleaned on time, debris and chemicals will damage furniture and other objects. Moreover, when it comes to business, there are fines and sanctions for non-compliance with sanitary standards.

What objects should be cleaned?

In addition to the general tidying up of the apartment, special attention is paid to the following objects:

  • soft surfaces ( carpets, curtains, etc.);
  • floors and other hard surfaces;
  • ventilation.

Upholstered furniture and carpet floors are the most vulnerable to contamination. At the end of the repair work, they significantly lose their previous appearance and cause itching and irritation in humans due to the large accumulation of dust.

As for the floors and walls, they are also susceptible to dirt. Cleaning should start directly from the ceiling and walls, after which it is necessary to get rid of the dirt from the floors. Dry cleaning is the safest cleaning option, especially if the walls are covered with paint or wallpaper. Also, don’t forget to clean the closets and the space behind the massive furniture.

Janitorial maintenance services in South Carolina are also necessary for ventilation openings. It is in them that dust rises along with the air throughout the entire repair. Note that even with minor works, ventilation pollution is almost impossible to avoid. Treatment of ventilation ducts is most often carried out with plain soapy water of moderate temperature. Also, remember to replace all air filters as they collect a lot of dust particles during repairs.

Working with glasses and mirrors

Washing windows after renovation is a mandatory procedure that should not be neglected. Plastic double-glazed windows can be cleaned quite easily, but the situation is somewhat more complicated with wooden windows. In the first case, you can use conventional window cleaners, as well as a sponge. As for wooden frames, they are most often treated with dishwashing detergent diluted with water and then wiped dry with a clean cloth.

The main difficulty lies in processing the outside of the windows, especially when it comes to an apartment located on the 15th floor. Such an operation is highly unsafe, so we recommend not seeking help from a cleaning company and not risk your health.

Our company provides professional cleaning services for apartments after renovation. We have all the necessary equipment to do the job quickly and efficiently—contact building maintenance and janitorial services in the USA to save money and get an excellent result.



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