Modern features of power grids, as well as water supply networks, violation of operating rules, negative environmental factors, lead to premature failure of water pumping equipment. When it comes to home maintenance, it’s not difficult to forget to include your water well. Here are a few common signs that you need water well drilling repair in Orlando:

Pumps are running constantly

Have you noticed that your water pump is taking longer to work than it usually does? If so, this is another sign. If it’s taking you more force to make it work after frequent tries of switching it off and on, this is a sign of the water running out. You can look for a pump service to fix your water pump. But you can also call a water well drilling company to have it checked.


Many pumps are susceptible to line voltage fluctuations. When it drops below 200V, the submersible unit may either not turn on or start but sharply reduces the pressure and then stops the water supply. Measuring instruments will be needed to detect the problem.

Dirty Water

If your water isn’t clear or has a bad odor or taste, contact a farm irrigation pump repair in Orlando. A problem with the well pump may have allowed contaminants to enter the system, putting your health and safety at risk.

Air Comes Through Pipes

If turning on the tap produces a burst of air before water comes out, there is a compromised connection somewhere within the well system. With help from a professional water well drilling repair in Orlando, you can identify and fix where the air is entering the system. For example, the issue may come from a misplaced pump or a defective valve.

The pump is running, but the water is intermittent.

It so happens that the pump works quite well, without any frequent shutdowns, but the water flows unevenly: it goes with normal pressure, and then it practically disappears.

Ensure that the water level in the well has not changed and that the equipment is at the correct depth. Often, the problem with uneven water supply is solved precisely by adjusting the location of the water pipe.

Clogged pipes or filters in the system

Often occurs during the first trial run of the pump and water well. During this time, particles of sand or clay may enter the hoses or pipes. The main reason is incorrect or insufficiently high-quality assembly of the system. Therefore, it is important to observe accuracy during installation. To eliminate such a problem, the pump can be flushed in a container with water, having previously disconnected the pipeline and the check valve.

Egg Smell

Do you notice an egg smell coming from your fixtures? Then something went wrong with your pump. Usually, the odor is from sediment that is getting pulled up from the well and the water. The pump may be big, or it may be sitting extremely low in the well.

A Change in Quality

Once the water level of your underground well falls, its water quality is the first thing it affects. This happens eventually because the sediment and other deposits are collected at the bottom of the well. With this, it causes an odd taste or smell in the water. If you notice this change in the water quality from your private water system, the depth of water from the well might have already dropped.

Clicking Sounds

Another indication of a faulty pressure tank is a loud system. If you see that your plumbing vibrates, it’s likely due to an issue with the pump. Specifically, insufficient water intake will make pressure changes that force pipes to shake. On the other hand, banging or groaning noises are typically a result of faulty bearings within the pump.

Now you know all the possible reasons why the pump does not pump water from the well. If you noticed the signs as mentioned above with your well? Contact us today to get the water well drilling repair in Orlando to keep your drinking water clean.


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