Technology was meant to be a way to make our lives easier and less stressful; however, it seems like it only adds to our list of to-dos with every passing year. Before you know it, your days are filled with tasks, and it’s hard to find the time to spend with our family. However, being a part of an informal or formal family gathering (such as around any significant holiday) can have many health benefits we’re only starting to explore. This can be anything from a simple family tradition to well-planned-out getaways. Gathering together is more than just coming together to catch up, and we’ll prove it to you. Humans are social creatures, and without a deep level of connection, we often feel disconnected, stressed, overworked, and even irritable, aggressive, or downright depressed.

So, what can we do to combat this as we head into 2022? One of the most significant ways to put our family unions first is by being more intentional about spending our time. Not only will it help your family members, but it will impact your mental and physical health as well. Here are just a few of the ways you’ll feel the effects of spending some quality family time together:

Helps you decompress

Life is stressful no matter who you are. Whether you’re in a good job, need to find one, or even starting or running your own business – you will have your set of stressors that press down on you. Taking the holiday family time (or any time!) can help you decompress and detox from going overboard and turning into a complete workaholic. Taking downtime to connect with those we love releases your endorphins and makes you feel good, and we all want that. If you have a mobility issue that stops you from traveling to meet your loved ones, then don’t worry anymore as we bring you wheelchair transportation in occidental ca

Improves your mindset

If you’re not happy, what’s all of this for? When you feel connected to your family through regular gatherings and family time, your mindset improves, and it’s easier to embrace your joy. When you step away from work and environmental stresses to be with those you love most, you naturally slide into a place of gratitude, which organically gets you in a better mindset. Seniors with strong familial ties and good social networks have better episodic memory, cognitive function, and overall better brain health.

Rekindles connection & strengthens bonds

During our stressful, busy times of the year, it’s easy to let your family time slide. That’s why holiday gatherings can be so important. It’s a social reminder that it’s time to set all that aside and regroup. This simple action helps us rekindle our connection with our immediate and extended family members, so we don’t lose touch in this fast-paced world. With age, we understand that traveling to meet your friends and family can be a daunting task; however, you don’t need to let that issue stop you from having a good time with the people you love. We at North Bay Med bring you wheelchair transportation services in Santa Rosa, CA,to make your travel experience convenient.

Improves academic success for children

When kids feel connected to their family, their self-esteem improves, along with their mindset. This, in turn, translates into better grades because they feel like they are safe and secure while also having someone they can turn to when things like particular school lessons or social situations get more complex.

Models parenting and interpersonal skills

Every interaction with your kid’s impacts who they will become. When kids have good role models and parents who interact with them, they learn how to communicate, work together, the skills for conflict resolution, and yes—even how to parent their kids when the time comes. Knowing this can help ground us when we think about how our interactions with them will affect how they operate in their own lives.

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