Massage therapy is becoming more widely accepted within the medical community as a trusted treatment for many types of pain. It is also accepted as an aide to other clinical treatments. In general, massage is infrequently given as the prime or only treatment for controlling the pain. It is often employed as a factor in therapy and to help prepare the patient to participate in exercise or other treatment modalities. Although, massage can be an important and effective part of your pain management routine.

Massage is particularly effective in reducing back pain. Since back pain is a component of a wide range of pain, massage is frequently considered beneficial to the healing method. In addition, different types of massage will be useful for different parts of the body. Specifically, acupressure and shiatsu are clinic massage therapy in Sugar Land, TX, and aim to relieve different types of pain in different areas. Neuromuscular treatment is usually beneficial in relieving “referred” pain, which is triggered from one part of the body but is felt in a completely different area.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Overall, the benefits of massage therapy include: muscle relaxation, increased blood flow and increased circulation, improve range of motion, increased oxytocin levels; Improved sleep, and fewer bouts of sleeplessness. Various types of massage might be suitable for you.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is the most popular massage therapy, so most research into the benefits of massage uses Swedish massage practices. It is important to understand that Swedish massage is very gentle and does not target specific pain spots or apply deep pressure. It is widely considered highly relaxing and is excellent for people suffering from acute or chronic pain. Swedish massage, however gentle, boosts blood flow and can thus support the elimination of excess lactic acid from the muscles, helping to reduce muscle soreness. Massage therapists always recommend this best massage for pain in Sugar Land, TX, for long-lasting benefits.

Neuromuscular Massage

This type of massage therapy is also recognized as “trigger point” massage because it targets areas of tension and muscle spasms in the back. The massage therapist applies pressure to a particular area of ​​muscle pain. Neuromuscular massage can sometimes cause pain in the beginning because its pressure is directly on the tender spots. Be sure to converse with your therapist to recognize the appropriate pressure. Like Swedish massage, this massage also drives lactic acid out of the tissues to reduce pain.


Acupressure is considered an eminent clinic massage therapy in Sugar Land, TX. Acupressure massage stimulates essential areas of the body to inhibit pain sensations and stimulate the body’s natural pain relievers. In general, the best way to relieve pain is to apply continuous pressure to key spots for one to three minutes. This pressure is applied by fingers, hands, or other tools.


This massage is similar to acupressure, as the word shiatsu meaning “finger pressure.” The main difference is that shiatsu experts do not use their entire hands to apply pressure. They only use fingers to apply pressure on a specific body part.


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