Every year, hundreds and thousands of tourists visit Tambor Mal Pais (Costa Rica) for a vacation. Indeed, this tiny place is famous for its warm climate,  beautiful forests, warm climate, the clear sea, and snow-white beach, the underwater world, and many other things. You can travel from San Jose to Santa Teresa beach, click beautiful pictures with near and dear ones, have quality time at the dinner table, and do many valuable activities. Why is it worth spending a vacation in Tambor Mal Pais with the whole family or friends? Let’s see.

Sea Sand And water Is Good For Your Feet & Skin.

A romantic walk along the surf can replace a trip to a pedicure specialist. The fact is that wet sand is an excellent exfoliant. It helps the feet’ skin (and not only the feet) to get rid of dead cells and renew, which makes the roughened limbs soften and get a decent look. Walking on sand is also a kind of foot massage, which is considered helpful by alternative medicine followers. They claim that foot massage helps to relieve stress, improve blood circulation and strengthen the immune system.

At The Resort, We Move More And Eat Better

Debaters will probably find something to answer this statement. Many residents, even wealthy ones, prefer not to break through the snowdrifts to go for a walk but calmly wait for the snow to melt in cold countries. In apartments, too, residents, of course, do not have enough opportunities to warm up. Sea resorts in Tambor Mal Pais give you a different experience. After 10 minutes of swimming in the sea, a person weighing 70 kg burns 70 calories. In the same way, half an hour of walking on sand can help you spend 158 calories and protect joints.

So, walking and running on soft surfaces are very useful. At the same time, it also strengthens the muscles of the legs (when walking), shoulders, back, and arms (when swimming). Based on your choice, you may decide to play beach volleyball, go for a mountain walk or ride a bicycle! Food at the resort is a different story. While visiting Costa Rica, you can probably eat more fish and seafood (and consume more omega-3 fatty acids, which you probably lack) and vegetables (vitamins and fiber) than you would at home. You can choose from a wide range of food options. All these will keep your heart and blood vessels in good condition. It also contributes to a good mood.

Sea Air Has A Beneficial Effect On The Lungs

Our ancestors knew this very well-to remember at least someone who suffered from tuberculosis. Sea air contains almost all known mineral elements. Its composition is close to that of human blood plasma. It is a very physiological composition, and negative ionization helps microelements enter human tissues comfortably for mucous membranes and saturate them. Inhalation of ionized air in the conditions of a seaside resort occurs without discomfort.

Breathing fresh sea air is helpful for those who suffer from tuberculosis and obstructive pulmonary disease. It also helps to recover from pneumonia or bronchitis. It is good if there is also a coniferous forest near the sea: the forest air is saturated with phytoncides with an antimicrobial effect — which is an additional benefit.

Seawater and several miles of sandy beaches are more useful for humans than others due to their moderate salt content. Water is similar in salt composition to that of human blood. The sea in Costa Rica is safe due to the absence of dangerous marine life, such as sharks, poisonous jellyfish, sharp corals. Well-developed infrastructure attracts more people to Santa Teresa beach.

Children’s Resort

Santa Teresa beaches are top-rated among lovers of children’s and family holidays. Shallow shore, fine yellow sand, and unique air strengthen the immunity of the younger generation. Children recover, gain positive emotions, and have fun during the holidays. Your children will be happy after the trip.

Dolphin Therapy

Recently, dolphin therapy has become particularly popular as an alternative psychotherapy method based on communication and joint exercises of a person with a dolphin. Dolphins are amazing animals with high intelligence, friendliness towards humans and do not leave anyone indifferent. Thanks to dolphin therapy, diseases such as down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, and others are successfully treated.

A Full Package of Entertainment

In Costa Rica, apart from sunbathing, tourists have a vast selection of children and adults’ activities on the water: boat trips along the coast, water attractions, catamarans, and jet skis.  Visiting aquariums, amusement parks, zoos, safari parks, theaters, cinemas, participating in cultural festivals and holidays, and numerous entertainment activities create a great mood and charge with positive energy for a long time. A well-developed network of services allows people to have all kinds of outdoor activities: windsurfing, kiting, yachting, hang gliding, diving,  and paragliding.

Costa Rica is famous for its beautiful beaches, rivers, seas, natural landscapes, etc. Frequent travelers love to visit Santa Teresa beach, have fun and spend quality time with their kith and kins. Have a trip to Tambor Mal Pais and recharge yourself.





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