Sports events have always been one of the most exciting events in colleges. With the promotion, you can attract and engage more audiences. Investing in promotional products can always work well for your sports event promotion. Moreover, it’s quite easy to find a good college sports promotional products supplier to meet your demand.

But why and how should you invest in college sports promotional products?

Keep reading to find out. Here are the key reasons to spend on sports promotion materials:

Capture Attention

With the best promotional products, you can capture the attention of students without disrupting their schedules. They remember your brand name and logo for a long time.

When you display a branded promotional product or any exciting deal on them, the upcoming sports event gets into the mind of students.

Leverage Herd Mentality

Do you know what “herd mentality” is? It is the tendency to fit into group behavior. When your college sports event approaches, the herd mentality works to your benefit.

Once you go to students with attractive product samples like youth championship rings or coupons, tend to try your offerings once you go to students. Thus, more students take an interest and feel like attending your college sports event.

Increase Exposure

When you promote your sports event through products, you get the chance to print your college brand logo on banners and advertisements. The brand logo imprinted on the promotional products gives your college and the sports event a wide audience.

Besides sponsoring the sports event, you can set up a booth to offer free/discounted products and coupons that expose your college to a wide audience.

Now, let’s take a look at how you should invest in college sports promotional products. Follow the tips below:

Add Entertainment Element

People who attend your sports event always require refreshments. If you add certain entertainment, your event can attract more people’s attention. Tailgating gives you the chance to boost onsite engagement. Find out the area with high traffic and install a branded tent. Offer phone charging portals, ice creams, and free water.

Conduct contests with engaging games and offer prizes such as stationery and t-shirts. When people gather to watch the sports events, you can distribute them flyers with brand information, discounts, and relevant things.

Give Away Free Product Samples

People of all ages love to get things for free. Many customers consider product sampling as a great strategy to test products/services. You can distribute free product samples like youth championship rings to students and even their parents to increase the popularity of your college.

Employ Brand Ambassadors

Appoint college brand ambassadors among your students to deliver the promotional products. They can promote your brand dedicatedly throughout the year. The brand ambassadors can distribute freebies and take part in tailgating whenever there is a sporting event.

Conduct Social Media and Email Campaigns

You tend to have your college’s sports followers on social media. So, you can share enriching posts across social media platforms regarding your involvement in the upcoming games and relevant offers. After you enlist brand ambassadors, reshare those posts with followers.

To notify your followers about the exciting deals of the college sports event, send them informative marketing emails. Segment your followers so the most relevant group of alumni, students, and parents receive your email.

Use the Perfect Tools Combination

Sports event promotion demands the most appropriate combination of tools to reach target audiences. If you use the perfect combination of various outlets, you can address your market in different manners. As mentioned earlier, social media can be a great platform to reach the target audience of your upcoming sports event.

Keep in mind that Google boosts approximately 96% of the search traffic for mobile devices. Around 47% of sports fans use mobile devices to check Facebook status updates when a game is on.

Bottom Line

College sports events can be a great occasion to engage and entertain your students and publicize your brand in your location. With extensive promotion using the best products, you can take the event to the next level.

When you offer freebies and product samples to the target audience, you can increase brand awareness significantly. Now you know why and how you should invest in promotional products to promote your college sports event.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with a reputable college sports promotional products supplier to customize the finest things for the sports event promotion.


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