Popcorn might be one of the most preferred choices of snack. According to National Agricultural Library, Americans consume a whopping total of 17.3 billion quarts of popped popcorn per year. Now that’s a lot of popcorn. But why do we love it so much? What makes it so remarkable that it has gone from probably being the first Thanksgiving meal to being the preferred movie snack and now being so prominent that you can get free sample popcorn online? Let’s see

  • The iconic pop sound

What’s the first thing you can vividly imagine when you think about having some popcorn? The kernels exploding with a pop sound inside the heated container! While there is a complex scientific principle behind the pop sound, in simple terms, it is due to heat being transferred efficiently from the outer layers to the kernel, which turns the moisture present into steam and raises the internal pressure. When this pressure gets high enough, it explodes the outer layers with a ‘pop’ sound. This remarkable sound became widely associated with this snack. Hence the name popcorn was derived. So, next time you are with your friends, and you see an advert for freesample popcorn online, you have a fun little trivia to share with them.

  • A delicious treat that can be made effortlessly

Popcorn has always been easy to make. You just supply the kernels with enough heat by cooking or microwaving. But now, with gourmet popcorn, the whole process has become more efficient and delicious. Let’s see what the entire process consists of. You see a flavor that you like and order free popcorn samples online. After you are satisfied with the samples, you buy the entire pack and have them delivered to your home. The next step? Sit back on your couch, put on a thriller movie, and enjoy it while munching on a bowl full of tasty popcorn.

In modern life, which has become so fast-paced, popcorn has emerged as the ideal snack choice.

  • A healthy snack

More and more people are becoming health conscious these days and for the right reason. With so much pollution, lifestyle changes, bad habits, etc., it is easy to overlook our health. Here is something that is not widely known, but popcorn is one of the healthy foods. How? We have always pictured popcorn, like the ones served in movie theatres, slathered with butter and salt, which might obviously not do your health any favors. But, gourmet popcorn, which uses natural ingredients and minimal preservatives, is slowly changing the unhealthy image of popcorn.

Also, popcorn is made up of whole grain. Unlike refined and processed grains that have lost some of their nutritional value, whole grains are unrefined seeds packed with beneficial nutrition such as fibers, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and good fats.

Popcorn can be one of the best sources of fibers, and as fibers are incredibly useful for a good digestive system, eating popcorn can help you promote regular bowel movements. Not to mention that fibers can help satiate your hunger while not being high in calorie count. This is a tremendous advantage for people who are on a weight loss routine. Whenever they feel hungry, they can eat a handful of popcorn without crossing their daily calorie intake limit.

Also, protein, the building block of our body, is among the most vital popcorn ingredients. Hence, occasionally eating popcorn can help you meet those daily protein intake targets. So, next time you see an opportunity to order free popcorn samples online, but you hesitate and wonder if it will have any adverse effects on your health, you can order with an easy mind. This will also make throwing a party for your health-conscious friends a little easier.


Also, popcorn is incredibly cost-effective. That is, you can get a big bowl full of popcorn at an affordable rate.

Thanks to gourmet popcorn and the companies who make them, popcorn has finally been able to escape its image as solely a movie snack. Now you can serve them on movie and Superbowl nights, gender reveal events, sophisticated parties, and much more! So, next time you see an ad for free sample popcorn online, make sure to try some out. Unsure not about what flavor would suit you? Why don’t you try samples of them all! After all, they are free.


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