Tri-fold funeral brochures are one of the very popular layouts you can find in various funerals today. A good tri-fold brochure design can display a unique theme in your quest to design a funeral program. Some of the funeral program printing companies have trusted websites that offer various tri-fold brochure templates that you can choose from.

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What is a Tri-Fold Funeral Brochure?

This special kind of funeral brochure is a small and easy-to-forget part of a well-planned and organized memorial service. Some people refer to it as an order of service or a simple funeral pamphlet that you hand out to guests. It outlines the various orders of the service and may also include a brief overview of the life achievements and setbacks of the deceased.


Just like many other features of a memorial service, programs may not be necessary, but having it is a pleasant feature that honors the deceased and provides the guests with happy memories.

Types of Trifold Funeral Program Templates

If you have decided to create and print a funeral program for your loved one, templates can come in handy. Various memorial printing companies have tri-fold templates uploaded on their websites. Using these templates may only require you to choose a template of your choice, input the necessary information of the deceased, and add pictures. 


While it is possible to download templates and edit on your own using various applications, you need professional hands that will offer you a more polished look for the funeral brochure. Some of these tri-fold brochure templates include classic, floral, clouds, mountain, contemporary, and beach designs.

Benefits of Using Trifold Funeral Brochures

Tri-fold funeral brochure is a good option for your loved one’s memorial program. You can find some of the major benefits it offers below.

#1. Flexible to Use

Some families prefer to use tri-fold funeral brochures for funeral programs to honor their deceased family member. The beautiful thing about this choice is that you will be able to include the entire program, especially if you don’t have a lot of text or photos to add. It holds the same amount of text as a traditional, letter-size program.

#2. Perfect Size

Another major advantage of the trifold brochure is its convenient size. You can easily fold it and mail it to friends and family who may not be attending the memorial service. Although tri-folds are more used for business-like or corporate print media services, it is also widely accepted in other areas like funeral ceremonies.


You can choose custom tri-fold brochure templates from good memorial printing companies, especially those containing various designs on the front and back. You can decide to go with a more professional-looking design instead of those that only offer beautiful panels. The program is kept and treasured, so it’s important that the brochure is beautiful and highlights the life of the deceased. 

#3. Six Panels

A tri-fold memorial brochure offers six different panels that could contain text, images, or a combination of both. You may find them in either of the two major sizes, letter or legal size. Although, a lot of people find the legal size to be a better option because it offers extra space for your information.


The legal size is made up of two folds that easily create a three-column presentation when opened. This feature provides versatility that allows you to separate the different titles within the program with the fold without having to create another page. The only disadvantage is that you will not be able to create new pages, which means you need to ensure you have enough space to contain the program’s information, or the result may appear too crowded.


Choose right for the best results.



Tri-fold funeral brochures are a great option to have an organized experience during the funeral for the guests and family of the deceased. The creation of these brochures should not be a burden or another source of stress when you can contact a good custom memorial printing company. When it comes to creating a funeral program, you need to ensure you make the right decision.


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