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To have a fit and healthy life, you need to be physically active. Indulging in a physical excursion helps protect your body from serious diseases such as obesity, heart disease, cancer, mental illness, diabetes, and much more.

Riding a bicycle is one of the best ways to reduce your risk of health problems associated with a hectic lifestyle. It is a healthy, low-impact exercise that people of any age group can enjoy. It is also fun, affordable, and reduces the carbon footprint on the environment.

Why you should need to buy prescription eyewear for sports online

Whether you’re a professional cyclist or doing it for fun, or practicing any other sports, it is important to invest in a good set of sports glasses. 

While cycling, you will be exposed to high wind speeds, frequently changing light conditions from bright to dark shade, insects, and dirt flying into your face. It is important to have a block between these conditions and your eyes. 

Moreover, cycling while trying to cope with your high eye prescription needs isn’t an easy task. But there is a solution for everyone. You can buy prescription eyewear for cycling onlineas there are multiple options available. 

Function of Cycling Eyewear:

Cycling glasses are not all about fashion. It is one of the important item for most riders throughout the year to carry:

  • The purpose of cycling glasses is to protect eyes from the weather conditions, and hence protecting the cyclist from an accident.
  • Cyclist glasses have to be light so that it’s comfortable for the rider. 
  • The nose pad and sides need to fit conveniently under a helmet. 
  • High-contrast vision is very important while cycling. There is a constant change when you are cycling outdoors. The eye has to adjust accordingly. There are options where some glasses offer proper glare protection. 

Important questions to consider when you buy prescription eyewear for sports online

  1. What frame technology does it offer?

Usually, cycling is a high-speed sport. Most specialists advise getting a wrap frame. However, it gets more challenging for the people with higher eye prescriptions. It is because of the fishbowl effect. 

It distorts the outer edges of your vision. There are wrap sunglasses that come with inserts that clip to the inside of the frame. It deviates the effect. But, it makes the glasses bulky, which might not have preference. 

Another option is the flatter frame. It can accommodate thicker lenses. But they don’t give the same coverage and wind protection as fully wrapped sunglasses. 

For a high eye prescription cyclist, it is important to have lightweight cycling sunglasses. The lenses will add some amount of weight on their own, so the frame must be as light as possible.

  1. What lens technology does it have?

There are two most important things to consider for lenses:

  • Material: The material has to be shatterproof and strong. It should give optical clarity and have anti-scratch protection. 
  • Contrast-enhancing: The color should provide good contrast as the cyclist’s eyes experience changing lights. They will be changing from sunny roads to shaded areas very quickly, depending on the route, for instance- under trees or bridges and tunnels. So, to protect their vision, it’s important to have contrast. It depends on what color your lens is. 

The lens colors for cyclists

Amber and rose lens: These tints increase visual ability, as they provide a bright and clear field of vision. They are ideal for providing a barrier from sunlight due to their strength in contrasting colors when cycling on roads. It also helps to recognize the smallest details instantly and precisely. 

Grey lenses: Advantages that they have are: reduce glare and render colors true-to-life. They have good vision throughout, even on the sunniest day. But the major drawback is that it won’t work in dark places. Hence they are less effective. 

Yellow lenses: They filter out the blue wavelengths of light, establishing a contrast. It gives cyclists better vision with less light.

Many sports lenses are also available in polarizing variants. A polarizing lens eliminates the vertically oscillating portion of light, typically formed by dazzling light sources, such as the road’s wet surface after rain.

Lens coatings and materials for cycling glasses

Cycling glasses are prone to dust, dirt, and insects like any other kind of sports glasses. Invest in a good coating to make the eyeglass lenses easy to clean. With hydrophobic lens coatings, sweat, rain, and other deposits vanishes.

A tip!

If you have a good anti-reflective coating on the lens’s back surface, it minimizes distracting reflections that can be seriously disruptive and dangerous as well. Protecting you from a mishap. 

Last but not least, the lenses on your cycling glasses need to be extremely sturdy and shatterproof. While you buy prescription eyewear for cycling online, make sure the materials are strong, and after receiving them, you feel no discomfort.


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