If you are thinking of ways to decorate your hair bow, earrings, scrapbooks, key chains, bags, shoes, wallets, cell phones, etc., then you should select such a material that is cost-effective and quality rich at the same time.

You can buy faux patterned leather sheets for decorating the above items. Faux leather is justified by its name, as it is the replica of original leathers with the same look and touch. As it is a replica, it is less expensive than the original leather.

Types of prints available for your faux patterned leather:

The faux patterned leather sheets you buy are not ordinary sheets; they are printed with multiple characters that display your likes. If you are an animal lover, you can purchase leopard print faux leather sheets.

You can also buy basketball or football print leather to showcase your love for sports. If you are buying it for a small kid, consider choosing cartoon characters such as baby Yoda printed sheets or baby shark printed sheets.

Whichever sheet you buy, all are beautiful and attractive enough to make you look different among the herd of people.

What are the qualities you get in Leopard Print Faux Leather?

If you have decided to buy the leopard print faux leather, you must be curious to know how it affects your wardrobe. Or if you have not decided, then by reading the below-mentioned qualities, you will not wait and directly click the buy button to purchase your leopard print faux leather.

The characters printed on the faux patterned leather sheet are printed on the very light background of the sheet. Hence, they will appear to you like coming out of the sheet. Thus, it will give a 3D effect to your decorated item, which the kids will love.

The sheet is very soft in touch like genuine leather; hence they don’t develop stains easily. Suppose they develop some stain, then also you don’t need to worry as the stains can be wiped out with a wet cloth easily.

Don’t worry; wet cloth won’t harm your leopard print faux leather sheet because the sheet is waterproof. The backside of your sheet is also very soft, like a cotton piece.

Don’t think they are weak after hearing they are soft to touch. Being soft is their nature, but they are highly resistant to any abrasion or cuts. Thus, you will not have to spend your money on buying your leopard print faux leather sheet frequently.

They are available in different sizes, but the standard size provided by most of the stores is 7.5″x13″; the thickness measures 1-1.1mm. Such a thin appearance makes them lightweight, and they weigh only 2-3.5 ounces. But you can ask your store to provide you with a large size faux patterned leather sheet if you need a large size.

Finding the best stores to buy your leopard print faux leather sheet.

Internet is full of multiple online stores that claim to be the providers of the best faux patterned leather sheets. But you can not believe them blindly.

Every store has a customer reviews section on its website; you can surf there and read the testimonials of users who have earlier bought the leopard print faux leather from that store. You can also visit their Instagram and FB pages from the link given on their website. If the reviews about product quality and durability are as expected, you can buy from them.

But the quality of the product is not the only thing you should expect from the store. If you are not having a great customer experience with the store, then it is as bad as buying a low-quality product. Thus, ensure that the store you have chosen provides you with a tracking ID for your leopard print faux leather. Wondering why? The tracking ID helps you locate the location of your order.

The best stores deliver your order within 1-3 days after the payment. Don’t forget to check their refund policy; suppose you receive a wrong item, then you must be able to return it without facing any difficulty. But the item you are going to return should be intact, unused, and unharmed. Also, try to file the return complaint within 14 days of the order placement.


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