Martial Art is an ancient form of self-defense technique that is practiced even today. Even though it has transcended from its original purpose of fighting to more of a sport nowadays, yet there can be no denial of its multi fold functions. It helps in relaxing your body, have better muscular and spiritual coordination. Moreover, it also boosts your self-confidence and keeps you jovial and fit!

This is one of the primary reasons why children’s martial arts classes are becoming so popular nowadays. Parents who are conscious of their children’s well being often want to enroll them in these classes. Watching their master’s skills and qualities, most children get motivated to reach for the prestigious awards and glories too. However, the situation can also arise that your child is not feeling motivated anymore, or they feel like quitting.

If you find your child not being regular in classes or unable to focus, here are some of the things you can do to keep them motivated.

Go out of your way

Nothing can encourage your child more than watching you going out of your way to help them train and keep them motivated. You can get enrolled in a family martial arts center where you can train with your child side by side. It will make your child feel more comfortable in discussing their future aspirations and plans with you because they will feel more connected with you! After the classes, you can tell your child what you liked and help them grow through positive encouragement.

Value their efforts more than victories

Instilling good morals and values in your child at a very young age can be beneficial in the long run. When you encourage them to put in their best efforts, despite meeting failures, you are helping them to grow. Just like in any other career or sports, children may have to face failures in some way or the other. This can often severely damage their self-esteem, and many people find it challenging to bounce back!

However, with the correct values and education at an early age, we can teach our children to prioritize essential factors in life. It will enable them to meet failures with grace and not give up trying to do better next time.

Learning from the mistakes

Merely doing a task over and over again may not yield success. You will have to understand to recognize your mistakes and try not to do them again. When encouraging your children, this is something you can teach them. If they have recently failed any contest in children’s martial arts classes, instead of being upset or sad, you can help them find the mistakes they made and encourage them to look at the positive side and the opportunity to do even better next time.


Healthy competitive nature

You should motivate your children to have a healthy competitive streak as it will enable them to put in their best efforts. However, obsessively focusing on the competition can leave them unmotivated and depressed later on. Thus, it is recommendable to also engage them in co-operation along with competition. Family martial arts centers can serve this purpose perfectly well, as you get to learn how to be on the same team and yet try to outperform others!

One of the best ways to keep your children motivated is to tell them that their training partners and friends also enjoy training with them. You can start by helping them with practice. Telling them that they are getting better every day is a good way of helping them build more self-confidence.

If your child has recently faced any challenge or failure, your task might become daunting. You will need to help them regain a sense of hope and purpose back. In such situations, you can help to ease their mind from the recent failure and engage them in some other activity that you can do together. When you find them relaxing and feeling better, you may remind them of their previous attachment to martial arts and the dreams they once told you about. It sends a positive message to your kids that you value their dreams and have complete faith in them. They might then want to go back to their children’s martial arts classes to start afresh!

This type of motivation is not merely restricted to martial arts but to attain any goal in general. While martial arts instill positivity in us, the motivation also helps us wade through the more difficult phases of life. Therefore, get enrolled in family martial arts centers and change the dynamics with


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