Tension set rings are modern and sleek designed rings with a unique setting. It utilizes the compression between two metals to hold the diamond or gemstone in place. It makes the stone seem floating within the band or between two pieces of metal.

The designer tension set rings is a beautiful twist to the traditional ring. Its contemporary design is popular among young brides looking for a modern spin on traditional engagement or wedding bands.

Before you choose to adorn your finger with this beauty, let’s explore more about it.

How is Tension Setting Achieved?

As mentioned above, the compression pressure between the metals holds the gemstone or diamond together in tension set rings.

The jeweler uses a laser to calibrate precise diamond dimensions and cut grooves into the band’s side. Thus, the diamond is held in place by the pressure of the metal band pushing against the gem.

When designer tension set rings are crafted from gemstone and strong metal, a pressure of 12,000 pounds per square inch or more is exerted on the gem.

Why Should You Buy Tension Set Ring?

One of the reasons for the popularity of the tension set rings is their unique setting that allows buyers a choice over traditional rings. However, people’s admiration for its distinctive appearance is not the only reason, it is an excellent choice.

  • If you are looking for a statement engagement ring, the appeal of a tension set band is unquestionable. The mystic gem floating between the sophisticated band makes it a stunning engagement ring choice.
  • Thanks to its unique settings, the diamond or gemstone is in the spotlight. As not much metal surrounds the diamond, it reflects more light and offers unmatchable sparkle and brilliance.
  • As the ring is free from crannies and nooks, it is easier to clean.
  • Many tension-setting rings feature thick and large bands, making them suitable for men.

What are the Best Metal and Gemstones Choice for Tension Set Rings?

Gemstones used to craft designer tension set rings must possess high strength value to hold the pressure exerted by the setting. Most jewelers follow the general rule of using gems that have 9.0 or more on the Moh’s Hardness Scale. It includes sapphires, rubies, and diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are also a perfect choice for creating a tension set band.

The gemstones must also have a high clarity grade as too many inclusions can lower their strength, making them susceptible to cracking.

Almost any diamond shape can work well with a tension setting; however, Princess-Cut and Round Cut diamonds are the superior choices.

The quality of the metal and its ability to withstand the force exerted by the diamond or other gemstone is crucial in the tension set ring. Titanium is the #1 choice for designing tension-setting rings as it is a highly durable metal. It can use to create a lighter and leaner style as not much metal is required to hold the gemstone.

Although titanium is an ideal option due to its durability and stability, white gold is the most popular choice. White gold creates a perfect balance between strength and beauty. Other popular choices are yellow gold, rose gold, palladium, and platinum.

Things to Look for While Shopping for Tension Setting Ring?

The tension-setting ring flawlessly reflects your unique personality. However, to make the most of your shopping spree, there are two critical points you must not overlook:

  • The quality of diamond or gemstone plays a crucial role. As the attention in the tension setting ring is drawn to the diamond, you must ensure that it is premium quality. Pick a gemstone with high-quality clarity, color, and cut.
  • Before you visit a store or shop online, research the jeweler. A perfect tension setting ring is exceptionally challenging to achieve. Thus, ensure that you buy for a highly skilled jeweler and know what they are doing.

The Bottom Line

A tension-setting ring is one of a kind design. If you are looking for contemporary jewelry with a sleek finish for you or your significant other, it must be on your priority list. Don’t forget to check the credibility of the jeweler before making a purchase. Remember, not every jeweler can ace this unique ring setting.


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